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TV personalities on Twitter: Actors, writers, directors

If you like television, this list of actors, writers, and directors is for you.

Many thanks to the Chicago Tribune's Mo Ryan for piecing this together and giving us permission to republish it.

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Opinion-Editorial Twitter Accounts in Chicago

Looking for some strong opinions? Better yet, people with a way for words, who just don't give an opinion but also back it up with insightful analysis?
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Visual Arts Twitter Accounts in Chicago

The arts community is tight, and it's a community that loves to share and help each other.
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Funny Tweets: Comedy-Related Twitter Accounts in Chicago

Despite limiting users to 140-character messages, Twitter offers plenty of opportunities for those who are creative, witty, snide, and just downright funny.
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Garage sale Twitter accounts worth following

If you have any interest in garage sales, here's a list of Twitter accounts you'll want to follow.

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Chicago's top martial arts Twitter accounts

The ancient craft of martial arts has a modern-day, digital presence 140 characters at a time on Twitter.

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Chicago Media Twitter Accounts

Local newspaper, TV, radio, and online media outlets -- you can find them all on Twitter.

Here's a handy list of all the official Chicago media Twitter accounts in one place.

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Chicago endurance enthusiasts on Twitter

Those interested in endurance tend to stick together. That's because they can so easily relate to each other, sharing tips, experiences, motivation, and inspiration.

If you're an endurance enthusiast, you'll certainly want to follow these local Twitter users.

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Local college football Twitter accounts

College football fans are known to be passionate and information-hungry.

If you fall under either category, then you won't want to miss these local Twitter feeds that can provide you with everything from breaking news to inside info.

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Top Haiku Twitter accounts in Chicago

If you tweet often / You are likely to notice / Some tweets in haiku.

Really. The 140-character limit lends well to the resurgence of this ancient type of poetry.

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What's in a name? Official Twitter accounts of Chicago pro sports teams

You’d think there would be some sort of formula in the naming of professional sports teams’ Twitter accounts. But there’s not.

The name of the authentic account for your favorite team can be very strange and quite a chore to find.

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Authors and writers on Twitter in Chicago

These folks have a way with words, having published numerous books, articles, and literary works, and that makes their tweets extra interesting to follow.

If you're interested in writing in Chicago, these are Twitter users you won't want to miss.

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Moms on Twitter in Chicago

Moms all over have a unique bond, able to relate with each other's triumphs and tribulations. Many have gravitated to the Internet and social networking sites like Twitter to share experiences and help each other.

Here's a list of tweeting moms in Chicago who are big on interaction and love to connect with other mothers.

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Professional Athletes on Twitter in Chicago

Sometimes it's nice to hear a friend's opinion or an expert's take, but there's nothing better from a sports fan's perspective than getting the inside scoop from the players themselves.

Here's a list of tweeting pro athletes in Chicago, sure to grow and change over time.

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Elite Tweeters: Top 25 Twitter users in Chicago

Chicago is the third most popular Twitter location in the world, according to a recent study. Only Los Angeles and London are tweeting more at the moment.

But who are the Top 25 Twitter users in Chicago?

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Top Pizza Twitter accounts in Chicago

Do you like pizza? You won't want to miss these Twitter accounts based in Chicago, all worth the follow.

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Chicago politicians on Twitter

Voice your concerns, ask questions, get the behind-the-scenes scoop, and stay in the loop with all the latest local politics by following any of these active Twitter accounts.

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Chicago Tourist Attractions on Twitter

Whether you're a Chicago native, recent transplant, or know someone about to travel to Chicago, this list of tourist attractions active on Twitter is sure to be helpful.

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Top Gardening Twitter accounts in Chicago

Like gardening? Here's a group of Chicago Twitter accounts you won't want to miss.

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