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DePaul University student shot to death; community grieves


The Sun-Times reports the DePaul University senior, Francisco Valencia, 21, of the 5100 block of West Strong Street, died from multiple gun shot wounds where a Halloween party was taking place in the 1700 block of North Rockwell Street on Sunday.

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StubHub tickets goof: Playoff seats offered to Cubs, Sox fans

StubHub "accidentally" sent automated emails out to thousands of Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox fans, as well as those from other teams, stating they can see their team "chase baseball immortality" in the playoffs.

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Detroit Marathon deaths resonate with Chicagoans

One week after the world-renowned Chicago Marathon, three men died at the 32nd annual Detroit Marathon on Sunday due to apparent heartattacks.

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Judy Hsu gives birth in car on Eisenhower Expressway

Local Chicago anchor Judy Hsu, who has worked with ABC 7 since 2001, gave birth to a baby boy on the Eisenhower Expressway this morning. Not surprisingly, the news is generating all sorts of buzz today.

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Columbus Day 2009: What does it mean to you?

It's Columbus Day in Chicago. But what does that really mean?

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Derrion Albert funeral touches lives across Chicago

People across Chicago today mourned the loss of 16-year-old Derrion Albert and called for an end to violence, as his funeral services were held and he was buried.

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Why Chicago lost in its bid for the 2016 Olympics

Overconfidence? Too much star power? Simply Rio's time?

One day removed from Chicago's devastating first-round exit that hardly anyone saw coming, the analysis has begun as to why things happened the way they did.

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No 2016 Olympics for Chicago: Chicagoans on Twitter react


Chicago residents have been reacting Friday afternoon to the news that the city will not host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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World reacts to announcement of Barack Obama Copenhagen trip

Word is out this morning that President Barack Obama will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, Thursday night to attend Friday's International Olympic Committee vote on the host of the 2016 Olympics.

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Seahawks jerseys take a beating as Bears game begins

For a moment, never mind the game.

As the Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears kicked off this afternoon, the first thing to generate significant buzz on Twitter was the neon-green jerseys the Seahawks are sporting.

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TweetBuzz: Flu Season

Tweeters all over the city try to rapidly nurse themselves back to health as flu season falls upon us a few weeks early this year.

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Chicago Bears' home opener pre-game tweets

The home opener is finally here, and today Soldier Field will get its first look at Jay Cutler in a Bears jersey for regular season action.

What's on the players' minds headed into the match-up against the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers? Twitter helps give a glimpse.

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Bears LB Brian Urlacher likely out for season

Three words are being circulated across Bears Nation this morning. Linebacker Brian Urlacher wrote in a text message to the Chicago Tribune, "season is over."

Within 30 minutes, more than 600 "Urlacher" tweets followed the story from the Tribune.

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Cutler, Bears drop defensive battle in Green Bay

The Chicago Bears' season opener at the Green Bay Packers went all the way down to the final minute, but when all was said and done, the Bears suffered a heartbreaking loss in a defensive battle.

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Jay Cutler off to shaky start at Lambeau Field

The early going of Jay Cutler's regular season debut with the Chicago Bears left fans with much to be desired.

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Report: Chi-Town Daily News to fold

The Chi-Town Daily News has folded, according to Gapers Block and other local blogs.

But according to Founder/Editor Geoff Dougherty, a fresh news venture is being formed in its place, "with a new name, a new company, and a different business structure."

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TweetBuzz: Joe Wilson's Outburst

Though Republican Congressman Joe Wilson's remarks have been taken very seriously amongst mainstream media today, tweeters are taking more of a comical approach to the incident.

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Oprah Day in Chicago: Morning traffic tweets chronicle commute

It's officially Oprah Day, or #OprahDay on Twitter.

Many are headed back to work fresh off the Labor Day holiday, but they're being greeted by traffic delays, commuting headaches, and re-routes due to the taping of Oprah's 24th season premiere today on N. Michigan Ave.

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Is Oprah's Chicago shutdown really about the 2016 Olympics?

Many have said that it's awfully selfish of Oprah to shut down a portion of North Michigan Avenue for more than 48 hours and disrupt countless Chicagoans' commute fresh off a holiday.

But was it really her idea or could there be more to this behind the scenes? Let's mull over the evidence, shall we?

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4 Weeks until IOC decision: Does Chicago want 2016 Olympics?

Four weeks from tomorrow, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will name either Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, or Tokyo the host of the 2016 Olympic Games.

But a fresh poll by the Tribune reveals something rather interesting: apparently, these days, just as many Chicagoans oppose the Olympics as want them.

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Tweeters react to Oprah's Michigan Avenue takeover

Oprah will be taking her show to the streets.

The Big O will be shutting down three blocks on Michigan Avenue to kickoff the 24th season of her program next week.

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TweetBuzz: Back to School Tweets

For this particular web editor, going back to school always meant new clothes, new gym shoes, new haircut and best of all new school supplies.

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Alligator spotted in Chicago River

Beginning yesterday, reports have been flowing into the local Twitterverse about a reptile swimming around the Chicago River, namely an alligator.

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Jay Cutler debut put under microscope

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler only played one quarter on Saturday against the Buffalo Bills. He only threw 10 passes, completing five. He only had some of the expected starters playing alongside him, with no Greg Olsen and Matt Forte.

But, fair or not, his every move was analyzed in this meaningless NFL exhibition game.

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Is your mom on Twitter?

The RedEye's blog post, "Moms Are Not Allowed on Social Media. Period," got us here at Breaking Tweets Chicago thinking.

Should moms be allowed on Twitter or Facebook? We gathered some tweets to see how Chicago feels about the issue.

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Drama in the Twitterverse: Twitter goes down, then comes back

You'd think the 30 minutes was the end of the world for some.

The latest Twitter outage, the previous one being for two hours five days ago, sparked creativity for some and anger for others.

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#uknowufromchicago a trending topic on Twitter

Locals are speaking up on Twitter today about what makes them a Chicagoan and the topic has become one of the most discussed on the social networking site.

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Don't panic, those fighters jets over Chicago are just practicing

Some in the local Twitterverse this morning were spooked by the whooshing sound of fighter jets reverberating off skyscrapers downtown.

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TweetBuzz: #musicmonday in Chicago

Lollapalooza weekend inspired locals today. They've been compelled to participate in Twitter's Music Monday discussion, which is always a top trending topic the first day of the work week.

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Patrick Kane arrested for altercation with cab driver

Early this morning, Patrick Kane was apparently arrested after a disagreement with a cab driver in his hometown of Buffalo, N.Y.

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Lollapalooza 2009 heating up

It's a hot, humid Day 2 at Lollapalooza, after a constant rain washed away a good time for some on Day 1.

The official numbers have the temperature in the mid-90's with the heat index up to 105 for Saturday. The heat wave is expected to remain for Sunday before it cools off Monday.
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Chicago megachurch generating significant Twitter buzz

At one point yesterday, the leadership summit at South Barrington's Willow Creek Church was represented in three of the top 10 Twitter trending topics.
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Blogger sorry for DDoS on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal

Word is out, according to Mashable, that a single individual was targeted in yesterday's DDoS attacks, which affected Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and millions of users in Chicago and worldwide.

That individual is a blogger in Tbilisi, Georgia, with the Twitter handle @Cyxymu, and he seems to have been identified as a result of an ongoing conflict between Russia and Georgia.

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TweetBuzz: Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

Excessive tweets came in this weekend on participating in Chicago's first Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon.

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TweetBuzz: Moving Day

If you're out and about in the city today you might find a rather excessive amount of U-Haul trucks parked on residential streets. Twitter reports that nearly everyone who is moving this weekend is not looking forward to what the task entails.

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Horizon Realty issues press release regarding Twitter lawsuit

Chicago-based Horizon Realty has responded to widespread backlash facing the apartment company after a story about its lawsuit against a tweeting tenant put it in the national limelight today.

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Tweet leads to defamation lawsuit against Amanda Bonnen

The Chicago Bar-Tender has the story of a woman's tweeting leading to a $50,000 defamation lawsuit, and it's making headlines across the city today (Tribune, Sun-Times, CBS2).

Horizon Group Management filed the suit after Bonnen sent the following reply to @JessB123: "You should just come anyway. Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it's okay."

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Possible closure of Prairie Avenue Books a hot topic

Word is out this morning in the blogosphere and elsewhere that Prairie Avenue Books on South Wabash Avenue, best known for its architecture collection, may be closing if it can't find a buyer soon.

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TweetBuzz: Obama's in town

President Barack Obama is visiting Chicago tonight for two fundraisers, one taking place at Penny Pritzker's home where tickets are going for $15,200 per person.

Obama will be speaking at another downtown hotel event later tonight in which Chicago Bears' head coach Lovie Smith and newly deemed Bears' quarterback Jay Cutler are expected to attend.

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Hossa, Hawks backlash populating Twitter upon injury news

The Chicago Blackhawks made a big splash in free agency when they signed winger Marian Hossa away from the Detroit Red Wings for 12 years and $62.8 million on July 1.

But some are now second-guessing the move, as news comes out that Hossa has been nursing a shoulder injury and may even need surgery.

Many Chicago Twitter users were not happy when they heard the report. Some laughed it off, while others were much more serious.

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TweetBuzz: Chicagoans on the apartment hunt

As the end of July nears, city-dwellers are scurrying to get their hands on a new place for the fall. Some tweet about going apartment hunting, however they may not have to look very far.

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Free Pastry Day at Starbucks has Chicago buzzing

Starbucks offered free pastries in their stores nation-wide today and as soon as Chicagoans ran to a nearby Starbucks to pick one up, they ran back to their respective technological devices to tweet about it.

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John Legend performs at Ravinia

The Twitter reviews are in: John Legend put on an outstanding performance at Ravinia tonight. Those who will be attending tomorrow's show will get their money's worth, according to the Twitterverse.

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Beastie Boys cancel Lollapalooza appearance and other remaining tour dates

News hit the Twitterverse today that the Beastie Boys will not appear at Lollapalooza this year due to Adam Yauch a.k.a. MCA's newly diagnosed cancer. The group posted a youtube video on their website explaining the details of his cancer and treatment.

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Chicago and the Recession: To be or not to be?

By: Maria Khan

Twitterverse in Chicago is going gaga over none other than the one and only, unemployment monster.

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Bravo auditions for new show held downtown

According to Chicago's Twitter feed, Bravo is in the process of a new reality show called "Artist" and is in town sifting through our city's most talented people who are willing to stand in long, long lines.

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Oprah tweets for first time in 39 days

Five-hundred thousand new followers later, Oprah Winfrey has finally broken her Twitter silence.

In her longest hiatus since joining the social networking site in April, Oprah sent a pair of tweets at about 6 a.m. local time today...

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How many Twitter users in Chicago?

It's a valid question.

We know it's a lot because Chicago is the No. 3 most popular city on Twitter, says New Media Lab, citing Hubspot's June 2009 State of the Twittersphere PDF report.

We also know that in April 2008, Chicago had more than 3,000 Twitterers, per this blog post by Dan Perry.

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Harry Potter takes over Chicago

The tweeples have spoken: seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at midnight is a hot item on their "to do" list.

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Hawks replace GM Dale Tallon with Stan Bowman

Rumors circulated late last night that Blackhawks General Manager Dale Tallon had been fired, and this morning they were confirmed by the Chicago Tribune's Chris Kuc and others. He will be replaced by Stan Bowman, previously assistant general manager and son of NHL Hall of Famer Scotty Bowman.

Hockey bloggers broke the news to Twitter - @Eklund provided the news first and @2ndCityHockey posted the first Chicago-based report on Twitter.

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Are you a Chicagoan?

Chicago Magazine's Jeff Ruby considers himself a Chicagoan, but friends and family say he doesn't make the cut.

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