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Free rides for seniors under fire due to RTA budget crunch

The Regional Transit Authority (RTA), the organization which oversees CTA, Metra and Pace, today recommended to state lawmakers that the "free rides for seniors" program is abolished in light of budget issues.

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Chicago: America's Most Stressful City

Do you feel stressed out lately? wouldn't be surprised to hear it, as Chicago topped their "America's Most Stressful Cities" list for the second year in a row. 

How did they come to this conclusion? Forbes says that a high unemployment rate, falling home values, poor air quality and crowding have something to do with it. 

Breaking Tweets Chicago took to Twitter to see what Chicagoans are stressed about.

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Chicago tweets about Triathlon

The 27th annual Chicago Triathlon is under way and local tweets show enthusiasm, motivation, and concern about chilly weather in the city today.

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Red-light cameras debate spills into Twitterverse

What’s the true purpose of red-light cameras - for safety or to make money?

That’s the question raised by a Chicago Tribune article today, which focuses on one camera in one suburb - Bellwood - which rakes in $60,000 to $70,000 each month from red-light camera fines.

The debate quickly reached Twitter, as it so often does with controversial issues. Here’s what Chicago Twitterers had to say:

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United Breaks Guitars video spreads virally

Everyone's talking about it.

A disgruntled customer of United Airlines, who had his guitar broken by employees of O'Hare Airport, posted a YouTube video response in the form of a song, complete with a catchy tune.

Posted just a few days ago, the video has half a million views and counting.

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Featured Twitpic: 123456789

This photo was posted by @tjmapes with the caption, "El #123456789 party."

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Will Chicago go gold?

By: Maria Khan

South Side organization Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation (SOUL) bids for a new hybrid Metra-CTA Gold line to serve the under-served South Side transit areas, as well as key Olympic venues, according to

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Taxi Cab Confessions

Chicagoans have much to say about their cab drivers. That's fine with us as long as it's conveyed in 140 characters or less!

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United computer glitch causing headaches at O'Hare

Anyone with a United flight out of O'Hare International Airport this morning is facing major delays after an apparent glitch caused the hub's computer system shut down.

The problem began at about 5:15 a.m. and as a result passengers can't check in without doing so manually, per the Chicago Breaking News Center.

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Metra train fatal accident leads to delays

By Maria Khan

One person is dead and another critically injured after being pinned underneath a Metra Electric Line train yesterday at around 4:30 p.m. The person who died was identified this morning as Ronald Lucas, 49, according to the Chicago Breaking News Center.

The incident occurred on the Metra Electric Line at 7900 S. Exchange Ave, per The Sun-Times, causing delays and cancellations.

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Red Line death slows morning commute

A man was struck by a train and killed early this morning at the Sox-35th station, leading to substantial delays for commuters until about 8 a.m., per the Chicago Breaking News Center.

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Traffic in Chi-town gets ugly this weekend

ChicagoNow's Parking Ticket Geek has all the traffic details for this crazy weekend downtown and on the north side.

Due to the Taste of Chicago, Columbus Drive, from Balbo on the south to Randolph on the north, and Congress from Michigan to Lake Shore Drive will be closed.

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Construction at Lakeshore causes traffic headaches

Reporting from the scene, Breaking Tweets Chicago Contributing Editor Sophia Madana (@smadana) noted a major standstill at Lake Shore Drive, causing mid-afternoon traffic delays today.

Chicago Twitterers @SolematesChi and @YvesDarbouze noted delays up to 30 mins from McCormick Place to Soldier Field due to two to four lane closures.

Construction near the Soldier Field Stadium was noted to be the cause of the lane closures and traffic pile-up.

Chicagoans caught amidst the traffic opted to tweet out. Madana (@smadana) offered some quick alternatives:

  1. Sophia Madana
    smadana Traffic on lakeshore is horrendous up to randolph going north. Avoid it if you can
  2. Sophia Madana
    smadana Roosevelt exit and jackson are both closed
  3. Sophia Madana
    smadana Construction on lsd by soldier field was the cause take 90/94 to get in the city to avoid the mess!

Other Chicago Twitterers expressed their anguish:

  1. Katja Halverson
    halverk Happy to see lakeshore drive is at a standstill this morning.
  2. Lynda Flores
    MissLynda79 traffic on Lakeshore Drive is ridiculous!
  3. Solemates Chicago
    SolematesChi I lied. 30mins from mccormick to soldier field on lsd, and still sitting
  4. Solemates Chicago
    SolematesChi 4 lanes of lsd shut down! Where they do that at?!
  5. Solemates Chicago
    SolematesChi Whoever oked tht lsd construction project needs to be suffocated. Sorry God.
  6. Sandra
    drquinn_60622 Gridlock on Lakeshore drive.
  7. Yves Darbouze
    YvesDarbouze Some one had the bright idea to have construction close two lanes on Lake Shore drive during mid-day traffic. Chicago politics I now get it!
  8. Christina Cornelius
    Chrissiqu Nevermind...finally out of traffic. Who told these fools to do construction on lake shore drive in the middle of the DAY
  9. Laura Caldwell
    LauraACaldwell Stuck in tragic traffic on Lake Shore. I now consider myself an expert on the architecture of soldier field.
  10. anita oak
    AnitaOakstreet Lived here 9 yrs & no idea how I ended up on LSD. crazy traffic

Were you caught in the traffic? Vent your frustrations and share observations to @BTChicago. Also, be sure to check out our traffic-specific feed on Twitter @BTCtraffic.

CTA warns of more service cuts

Per the Chicago Tribune, another round of budget cuts is in store for the city’s transportation system totaling $61 million.

CTA officials say entire bus routes might be terminated and rail services reduced by 20 percent. The suburban Pace bus system will be looking at budget cuts as well, according to the article.

CTA Chairman Jim Reilly stated, “Our rainy day fund was used up in 2007, so basically the RTA is making sure the transit agencies don’t spend more money than there is.”

Chicago Twitterers are, needless to say, frustrated about the news, including Tony Peraica, 16th District Cook County Commissioner.

  1. Tony Peraica
    tonyperaica “Doomsday CTA” cuts public service while plundering the public purse. Enough already. Fire the hacks. via @addthis
  2. Yo
    yo60640 Ah .. here we go, again RT @ChicagoBreaking: CTA, Pace, Metra facing service cuts
  3. W. Kelly Oja, MCTS
    wkellyo CTA, Pace facing service cuts They say no fare hike, but c’mon, we all know there will ne one.
  4. Gwynne Monahan
    econwriter5 If the #cta still has to reduce bus and rail service by 20% due to budget cuts, what was the point of raising fares, again?
  5. ksalkover
    salkken @coloneltribune With #cta and #Pace planning service cuts, how about returning to us that 0.25% Doomsday tax increase? Lot of good it did!

Credit cards soon to be widely accepted in Chicago cabs

Per the Chicago Tribune, touch screen equipment will be installed in the back of up to 2,600 cabs in the city so passengers can swipe credit or debit cards to pay their fee.

Taxi industry executives hope these devices will ease customers' number one complaint that taxi drivers will not accept credit cards.

The TV screen attached to the back of the driver's seat displays a running tab and a final bill at the end of the cab ride. "It also lets customers add a tip onto their charge card. The screen displays suggested gratuities corresponding to rates of 15 percent, 20 percent and 25 percent," according to the article.

Enthralled Chicago Twitterers post updates, showing the new cab machines are much needed.

  1. JennFree
    JennFree love this in NY cabs RT @sarahschaale Maybe no more "credit card machine is broken, swear" from cabbies:
  2. Angela Frangias
    AFrangias Wonder if this will work...maybe Chicago taxi drivers will like this new gadget: touchscreens for credit card pmts
  3. Ryan Craver
    ryanmcraver about time chicago got touch screens in has had them for a while:
  4. Luvvie
    LuvvieIG @redeyechicago YAY! Those evil cabbies will stop putting me out their cabs now for paying w/ a debit card. JERKS!
  5. Todd Abbott
    toddizza The days of arguing with taxi drivers over using a credit card may soon be over. via @redeyechicago
  6. Jason F. VandeBoom
    jvandeboom "New device may make it easier for taxi passengers to pay with plastic" - - This would be great...

Beer truck flips over on tri-state tollway

Per the Tribune Co. Breaking News Center, a semi-truck tipped over and spilled its cargo, 40,000 pounds of Miller beer products, onto the southbound I-294 ramp going eastbound on I-290. The incident occurred Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. with limited impact to morning rush hour traffic. The driver suffered minor cuts and bruises, according to the article.

Chicago Twitterers are rather amused by the occurrence.

  1. skater48 Beer truck over turned on Eisenhower!! Open bar until cleaned up : )
  2. Jbrighterthanu Beer truck fell over on the highway. Who's going?
  3. flobie highway accident in chicago - beer truck loses it load all over the road. Poor beer :(
  4. randyHOD Beer truck overturns on Tri-State Tollway. Alcoholics around the Chicago metro area observe a moment of silence for their fallen soldiers..
  5. LarzCRM A Miller Beer truck has overturned on 294/290, spilling its contents onto the road. IDOT is touched by the help from local fraternities.

TwitPic posted by @snarkity


"Miller brewing truck meet Chicago potholes"

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