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Oprah leaving Chicago, ending show in 2011

It's official: Oprah's skipping town and will discontinue her show, a staple in daytime-talk television for the last 24 years. Now that the word is out, and the idea of an Oprah-less television era has sunk into a reality, what are local tweeters thinking?

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Michael Scott found dead: Chicago Twitter Reaction

Chicago School Board president Michael Scott was found dead early this morning; police investigating his death believe he shot himself and fell into the Chicago River.

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DePaul University student shot to death; community grieves


The Sun-Times reports the DePaul University senior, Francisco Valencia, 21, of the 5100 block of West Strong Street, died from multiple gun shot wounds where a Halloween party was taking place in the 1700 block of North Rockwell Street on Sunday.

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Chicago remembers Walter Payton

Chicagoans at the Bears game against the Browns today saw a tribute to football legend Walter Payton on the 10-year anniversary of his death.

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Chicago meets Ricketts family as new Cubs owners

Now that the sale of the Chicago Cubs is a done deal, the Ricketts family wants to make itself known to the city, especially to North side baseball fans who've been waiting many years for a step in a more positive direction.

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Barista killed in tragic cycling accident


Liza Whitacre, a 20-year-old barista and Loyola University student, was killed Wednesday in a tragic cycling accident on Chicago's north side. Whitacre was cycling with a roommate on Damen Avenue, when she attempted to pass between a truck and a CTA bus.

Whitacre apparently slipped off her bike and fell underneath the passing truck, according to police.

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Victoria's Secret opens flagship store on Michigan Avenue

According to Chicago Twitterers, the grand opening of Michigan Avenue's Victoria's Secret is the best thing to happen to this city since, well, the grand opening of the Garrett Popcorn flagship store last week.

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Sarah Palin to appear on Oprah Nov. 16

Harpo Studios announced today that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday, Nov. 16, in what it is dubbing a "world exclusive."

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Detroit Marathon deaths resonate with Chicagoans

One week after the world-renowned Chicago Marathon, three men died at the 32nd annual Detroit Marathon on Sunday due to apparent heartattacks.

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Balloon boy hoax revealed by Gawker

The now famous story of the "balloon boy", which captivated Colorado, the nation, the world, and even us here at ChicagoNow as we watched the story unfold -- was in fact a hoax, Gawker revealed today.

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Free rides for seniors under fire due to RTA budget crunch

The Regional Transit Authority (RTA), the organization which oversees CTA, Metra and Pace, today recommended to state lawmakers that the "free rides for seniors" program is abolished in light of budget issues.

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Judy Hsu gives birth in car on Eisenhower Expressway

Local Chicago anchor Judy Hsu, who has worked with ABC 7 since 2001, gave birth to a baby boy on the Eisenhower Expressway this morning. Not surprisingly, the news is generating all sorts of buzz today.

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Columbus Day 2009: What does it mean to you?

It's Columbus Day in Chicago. But what does that really mean?

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Chicago Marathon 2009 Results: Course record sparks Twitter reaction

Samuel Wanjiru of Kenya won the Bank of America 2009 Chicago Marathon with an impressive 2:05:41, a new course record. It was his first marathon in the United States. On the women's side, Liliya Shobukhova of Russia finished in 2:25:56 to win.

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Twitter Reaction: Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize


President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today, and reaction on Twitter is mixed.

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Twitter home not updating, falling hours behind

UPDATE: As of 2:30 Central Time, Twitter appears to be back to normal.

Twitter users are complaining this morning about an apparent glitch on their Twitter home pages.

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Improve your intelligence by playing Tetris

The human brain works in mysterious ways. It's so complex, yet for stimulation, sometimes the simpler the better.

Like Tetris simple.

Seriously - playing Tetris can improve your intelligence after repeated play, according to a new study, "leading to improved brain efficiency and a thicker cortex."

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Sun-Times, Tyree strike deal to continue newspaper's operation


Today marks a new beginning for Chicago and its newspaper business. The Sun- Times Media Group has agreed to a deal with James C. Tyree, CEO of Mesirow Financial Inc. This deal will potentially save the Chicago Sun-Times and several suburban weeklies in the Chicagoland area.

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'Jersey Boys' show evacuated due to bomb threat

Suspicious packages were the cause of evacuation at Bank of America Theater tonight during a run of 'Jersey Boys,' a Broadway in Chicago musical.

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Biz Stone speaks at Columbia College Chicago

Co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone (@biz) spoke tonight at Film Row Cinema (Columbia College), 1104 S. Wabash Ave.

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'Little Fockers': Chicago tweeters spot celebrities on movie set

As word gets out that 'Little Fockers,' the third installment of the 'Meet the Parents' series, is filming in Chicago this week, tweets are popping up about celeb sightings around town.

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SNL Obama skit becomes viral hit

It's a show that has been talked about for days now, many thanks to Lady Gaga's "s-bomb" and an appearance from Madonna. But the real impact of the latest SNL seems to be a viral video on the Web, depicting President Barack Obama's accomplishments, or lack thereof.

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Dunkin Donuts gives out free coffee in Chicago


Chicago may have lost in the bidding for the 2016 Summer Olympics, but the city has gained some free coffee.

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Erin Andrews' stalker goes to court

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews has an alleged creepy stalker named Michael David Barrett and he happens to reside in Westmont, IL, a southwest suburb of Chicago. He's been accused of cutting holes through her hotel rooms all over the country and taping her with a cell phone camera.

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Derrion Albert funeral touches lives across Chicago

People across Chicago today mourned the loss of 16-year-old Derrion Albert and called for an end to violence, as his funeral services were held and he was buried.

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Why Chicago lost in its bid for the 2016 Olympics

Overconfidence? Too much star power? Simply Rio's time?

One day removed from Chicago's devastating first-round exit that hardly anyone saw coming, the analysis has begun as to why things happened the way they did.

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No 2016 Olympics for Chicago: Chicagoans on Twitter react


Chicago residents have been reacting Friday afternoon to the news that the city will not host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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Featured TwitPic: Oprah shops in Copenhagen

Oprah is causing quite a stir as she prepares to meet with the International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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No Games Chicago leads protest rally


No Games Chicago is working overtime with less than three days left until the IOC makes the final decision for the 2016 Olympic games.

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Featured TwitPic: O'Hare Airport's Copenhagen sendoff

The Chicago 2016 delegation departed for Copenhagen last night after a coordinated "sendoff" event at O'Hare International Airport.
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Chicagoans outraged over beating death of teen

The Chicago Twitterverse is still reacting to the beating death of Chicago Public School student Derrion Albert. Albert was an innocent bystander of a gang fight that occurred near Fenger High School on the city's South Side last week.

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Chicago reacts to President Obama's Copenhagen travel plans

President Barack Obama's announcement early this morning that he would be traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark to support Chicago's 2016 Olympic Bid has sent shock waves through the Twitterverse.

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World reacts to announcement of Barack Obama Copenhagen trip

Word is out this morning that President Barack Obama will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, Thursday night to attend Friday's International Olympic Committee vote on the host of the 2016 Olympics.

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Kiddieland prepares for last weekend

To those who grew up in the Chicagoland area, Kiddieland in Melrose Park has been a staple of classic, low-cost family fun. 

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Oprah will travel to Copenhagen to pitch Olympic bid

Chicago's Olympic bid committee is sending Oprah to Copenhagen to represent the city and be a part of the official delegation to help pitch Chicago for the 2016 bid.

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Police still searching for suspect in Beason, Illinois murders


Forty miles outside of Springfield, in the small farming town of Beason, Illinois, five members of a family were found dead Monday after police received a call about a possible shooting.

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Plague accidentally kills researcher at University of Chicago


CBS2 Chicago and other media outlets are reporting that a researcher at the University of Chicago was killed Sept. 13 while studying a strain of Yersinia pestis, commonly known as the plague. Professor Malcolm Casadaban, 60, was working on developing a stronger vaccine for the plague when he contracted the deadly bacterial disease.

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The White House is reading your tweets

Fellow ChicagoNow blogger Dennis Byrne recently posted about how the White House is using social media, noting it is "collecting and storing comments and videos placed on its social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube."

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President Obama, First Lady host 2016 Olympic rally at White House


The President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are hosting an Olympic and Paralympic event at the White House today, September 16, to promote Chicago for the 2016 Olympics. Live coverage of the event is available at NBC Chicago.

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Report: Chi-Town Daily News to fold

The Chi-Town Daily News has folded, according to Gapers Block and other local blogs.

But according to Founder/Editor Geoff Dougherty, a fresh news venture is being formed in its place, "with a new name, a new company, and a different business structure."

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TweetBuzz: Joe Wilson's Outburst

Though Republican Congressman Joe Wilson's remarks have been taken very seriously amongst mainstream media today, tweeters are taking more of a comical approach to the incident.

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Oprah Day in Chicago: Morning traffic tweets chronicle commute

It's officially Oprah Day, or #OprahDay on Twitter.

Many are headed back to work fresh off the Labor Day holiday, but they're being greeted by traffic delays, commuting headaches, and re-routes due to the taping of Oprah's 24th season premiere today on N. Michigan Ave.

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Chicago feeling the commuting pain

Chicago ranked No. 4 in the "Commuter Pain Index," a survey taken by IBM that looks into the emotional toll traffic congestion takes on a daily commuter. The city rating moved up one notch from being ranked No. 5 last year.

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Chicago: America's Most Stressful City

Do you feel stressed out lately? wouldn't be surprised to hear it, as Chicago topped their "America's Most Stressful Cities" list for the second year in a row. 

How did they come to this conclusion? Forbes says that a high unemployment rate, falling home values, poor air quality and crowding have something to do with it. 

Breaking Tweets Chicago took to Twitter to see what Chicagoans are stressed about.

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Chicago tweets about Triathlon

The 27th annual Chicago Triathlon is under way and local tweets show enthusiasm, motivation, and concern about chilly weather in the city today.

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Chicago Twitterers fire back to Milton Bradley

After Milton Bradley publicly displayed his outrage toward the alleged racism of Chicago Cubs fans, tweets from Chicagoans, Cubs and Sox fans alike are pouring in about the Cubs outfielder.

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Tweets memorialize Ted Kennedy

As soon as word came out of Sen. Edward M. 'Ted' Kennedy's death, virtual memorials and respects began popping up on Twitter.

There were occasional inappropriate comments, but far and large the Twitterverse mourned Kennedy's death, on both sides of the political aisle and even across oceans.

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Rick Bayless shares Top Chef victory on Twitter

Since winning "Top Chef Masters" on Tuesday, Rick Bayless posted many tweets and twitpics to show us how he has been congratulated on his latest achievement.

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Alligator spotted in Chicago River

Beginning yesterday, reports have been flowing into the local Twitterverse about a reptile swimming around the Chicago River, namely an alligator.

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Tornado scares Springfield, touches down in Loami and Williamsville

The tornado warnings across southern Illinois and the Chicago area today were no joke. According to Sangamon County Sheriff Neil Williamson, a tornado touched down in the towns of Loami (population 800) and Williamsville (population 1,400) just outside of Springfield.

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Journalist Robert Novak dead at 78

It took moments for the Twitterverse to catch word that long-time Chicago Sun-Times political columnist and CNN and PBS commentator Robert Novak lost his battle with brain cancer today.

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Twitter gives props to EveryBlock

After's acquisition of, Chicago Tweeters are congratulating the Chicago-based website on a successful digital media experiment.

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Tweeters congratulate O'Brien on SNL

News spread to the Twitterverse from An Improvised Blog that Michael Pat O'Brien of Second City and The Reckoning will be making the big move to New York City to write for Saturday Night Live.

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Mark Kirk tweets may be violating campaigning rules...again

Illinois Congressman, Mark Kirk may have tweeted into "questionable legal territory" again, according to Progress for Illinois.

The issue at hand is if Kirk's Twitter page is an extension of his campaign, which it seems to be, then he may be violating the rule of campaigning on federal property by tweeting about visiting a Veterans Affairs hospital.

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872: A new Chicago area code

The word is out on the Twitterverse that Chicago is getting a new area code. According to CBS2, Chicagoans will no longer be able to dial just seven digits for local calls.

The 773 area code had been exhausted in July, requiring Chicago to add another area code, 872, beginning Nov. 7.

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Is Jay Mariotti coming to Chicago Tribune?

Rumors are spreading like wildfire across the blogosphere and Twitter that the Chicago Tribune will be the new home to Jay Mariotti's weekly sports column starting September 1. However, the Tribune has made no official statement about hiring him.

The former Sun-Times sports columnist was known to get a rise out of Chicagoans with his highly debatable content, playing devil's advocate time and time again.

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Don't panic, those fighters jets over Chicago are just practicing

Some in the local Twitterverse this morning were spooked by the whooshing sound of fighter jets reverberating off skyscrapers downtown.

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Man collapses at Lollapalooza Bud Stage

A man collapsed at Bud Stage moments ago on the opening day of Lollapalooza, according to Twitter reports.
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Blogger sorry for DDoS on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal

Word is out, according to Mashable, that a single individual was targeted in yesterday's DDoS attacks, which affected Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and millions of users in Chicago and worldwide.

That individual is a blogger in Tbilisi, Georgia, with the Twitter handle @Cyxymu, and he seems to have been identified as a result of an ongoing conflict between Russia and Georgia.

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Schubas opening new venue

Chris and Mike Schuba, owners of Schubas on Southport Ave. will open a new music venue on 2424 N. Lincoln Ave, taking the place of the now defunct Three Penny Cinema.

The new venue, Lincoln Hall, will be three times as large as Schubas, according to Greg Kot's article in the Chicago Tribune.

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Chairman of University of Illinois trustees board resigns

Moments ago, it was announced that Niranjan Shah, chairman of the U. of I. trustees board, resigned today, as fallout from the university admissions scandal continues.

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Suspicious package found near Oprah studio

The unusual package found outside Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios this morning did not contain a bomb, Chicago police have said. But they are not saying what was in it.

Around 6:20 a.m. this morning, a dark colored backpack with wires protruding from it was found in a flower bed near Harpo studios early this morning, AP reports.

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Mark Kirk tweets may have violated military restrictions

A blogger at Capitol Fax is calling out Republican Mark Kirk, a 2010 senate candidate, for two of his tweets on July 26 that may have breached military restrictions.

Kirk -- running for President Barack Obama's former seat -- is a Naval Reservist and he appeared to tweet while on duty, raising two potential issues.

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ESPN planning Bartman documentary

ESPN will feature Steve Bartman, arguably the most wanted man in Chicago during the fall of 2003, in an hour-long documentary according to WBBM radio 780AM.

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Does Chicago want Wal-Mart?

Chicago's Wal-Mart debate elevated today when the superstore phone polled residents on whether or not they want a Walmart on 83rd Street and Seward.

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Horizon Realty issues press release regarding Twitter lawsuit

Chicago-based Horizon Realty has responded to widespread backlash facing the apartment company after a story about its lawsuit against a tweeting tenant put it in the national limelight today.

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Tweet leads to defamation lawsuit against Amanda Bonnen

The Chicago Bar-Tender has the story of a woman's tweeting leading to a $50,000 defamation lawsuit, and it's making headlines across the city today (Tribune, Sun-Times, CBS2).

Horizon Group Management filed the suit after Bonnen sent the following reply to @JessB123: "You should just come anyway. Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it's okay."

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Possible closure of Prairie Avenue Books a hot topic

Word is out this morning in the blogosphere and elsewhere that Prairie Avenue Books on South Wabash Avenue, best known for its architecture collection, may be closing if it can't find a buyer soon.

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Obama rallies Chicago, raises $2 million for health-care reform

By Dave Adams

Focusing on health-care reform, President Obama rallied 750 Democrats at the Hyatt Regency Thursday evening.

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Several helicopters spotted in Chicago area this afternoon

Several Twitterers are buzzing about helicopters flying overhead in the Chicago area this afternoon.

For a while, the reason for the activity was unclear, but Chicago Breaking News is now reporting that the Secret Service is conducting exercises today in preparation for an upcoming visit by President Barack Obama.

Here's some of the tweets that came in...

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F-16 fighter jets conduct military test overnight

Around 1 a.m. last night, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) successfully carried out a military exercise over the Chicago area involving F-16 fighter jets. The training involved at least one plane headed toward downtown from the north and another going west, according to witnesses.

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Chicago journalists honor Walter Cronkite

Like the rest of America, Chicagoans are mourning the loss of legendary newsman Walter Cronkite, who died Friday night.

Cronkite's passing particularly touched Chicago media professionals, who tweeted their respects upon hearing the news.

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So long, Sears Tower!

The Sears Tower has officially become the Willis Tower. This morning, Mayor Richard Daley and Joseph Plumeri, CEO Willis Group Holdings, unveiled a new sign in the lobby of the Tower indicating the name change had been completed.

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Sears Tower changes to Willis Tower tomorrow

Sears Tower, the tallest building in the country, officially changes its name tomorrow and Chicagoans are not happy about it.

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Obama link to Burr Oak scandal fuels tweets

The news traveled quickly, but it turns out it was not true.

Moments after several media outlets reported that Michelle Obama's father Fraser Robinson III was buried at Burr Oak Cemetery in 1991, Twitter was flooded with tweets, retweets and thoughts about the news in 140 characters or less.

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Daley security guard catches escaped convict

An Indiana prison escapee was caught by a security guard of Mayor Richard Daley a quarter of a mile away from his summer home in Michigan.

Daley was in the residence at the time and says he heard some kind of "commotion," per the Chicago Breaking News Center.

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Burr Oak heartbreak continues

Outrage at a a south side cemetery continues to grow this Friday as hundreds of Chicago area residents head to Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip, concerned about the safety of their loved ones' graves.

According to the Chicago Breaking News Center, the community learned yesterday that four employees at the historic African American cemetery had dug up and dumped 200 to 300 bodies in a scheme to resell plots and pocket the cash. Hundreds of people have gathered to see if their loved ones had been moved to a mass burial ground located at the back of the cemetery.

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Twitter asks, 'Why not, Lisa?'

Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced today she will NOT be running for senator or governor according to Lynn Sweet's Sweet Blog in the Chicago Sun-Times.

This comes as a little bit of a surprise to not only power players like Illinois senator Dick Durbin, but also to Chicago twitterers.

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Will Chicago go gold?

By: Maria Khan

South Side organization Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation (SOUL) bids for a new hybrid Metra-CTA Gold line to serve the under-served South Side transit areas, as well as key Olympic venues, according to

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Giant Twister game at Millennium Park today

According to Chicago tweets, Millennium Park is hosting a massive Twister game, along with free wine tasting from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sounds like quite the Chi-town lunch break!

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July 4 weekend ends with crime spike

Monday morning marked the end of a violent holiday weekend as 10 people were killed after 63 shootings and one stabbing in Chicago, according to Chicagoist.

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Crowds gather in Grant Park for holiday weekend

If you dared to venture to the loop this weekend, you witnessed how wild Chicago can get in the summer time. But for those of you who still haven't gone out of your way to taste Chicago and see the fireworks, let Breaking Tweets Chicago be your eyes and ears on the scene.

BT Chicago contributing editor Craig Kanalley and correspondent Maria Khan survived the large gathering that is July 3rd in Grant Park and lived to tweet about their adventures.

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Debut of Sears Tower Skydeck Ledge sparks discussion

The Sears Tower Skydeck Ledge will officially debut at 9 a.m. tomorrow, July 2.

Or is that the Willis Tower Skydeck Ledge? Regardless, The Ledge will give visitors an opportunity to view the city from the sky by stepping onto one of two glass boxes - 1,353 feet from the surface on the 103rd floor.

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Twitter users in Gary, hometown of Michael Jackson, remember King of Pop

People "from all around" are stopping by Michael Jackson's childhood home in Gary, Indiana, a part of the Chicago metropolitan area, and paying their respects, per WBEZ.

According to CBS-Chicago, crowds began assembling outside the modest house, 2300 Jackson St., within minutes of word that he had died Thursday in Los Angeles, after suffering from cardiac arrest.

Twitter users in and around Gary are providing an inside look at the scene today and sharing their condolences with the Jackson family:

  1. Yung Truth
    thetruedon7 I live in Gary, Indiana and its so crazy out by michael jackson's house.... lol. michael jackson impersonator out there.... lol.
  2. Michael A. Brown
    mikebrownLCR Sending out my deepest sympathies to the Jackson family on the loss of Gary's native son, Michael Jackson the King of Pop.
  3. Jim Dedelow
    JED1230 853am... the region is mourning...tons of people out at 23rd and jackson, the old jackson family house... gotta walk 3-4 blocks to get there
  4. Nikki Noble
    NikNoble @afrocenchic might take the kids to 2300 Jackson St. in Gary to leave flowers, it's about 30 mins from my house. Wanna come with?
  5. PostTrib
    PostTrib Mayor Rudy Clay wants Michael Jackson's funeral to take place in Gary.
  6. The Calculation
    TheCalculation I rode down MJ's old crib a few months ago
    not a soul was out there

Here's a few other tweets from the Gary area:

  1. claudia wise
    clwise6 I was driving to work listening to the radio station play all of MJ's jams getting teary eyed!! I remember my black pleather pants and ...
  2. Nia G
    NiaMalia WTF man!!!! Like Seriously... WHAT THE [expletive]!!! the should cancel the TASTE in tribute to MJ today..dont trip its just the TASTE
  3. Cris Travis
    cris_travis I am still really shcoked. I thought MJ was invincible

CPS plans to cut teachers at city schools

CPS officials plan to lay off teachers from several schools, but insist these cuts have to do with reduction in enrollment and not the budget according to Chi-Town Daily News.

Members of the Caucus of Rank and File Educators (C.O.R.E.) questioned how cuts are related to reduced enrollment if they were happening at schools where enrollment decline is minimal.

CPS spokesperson Malon Edwards said many of these teachers were invited to reapply for positions in developing departments.

Twitterers are disappointed by the teacher cuts.

  1. jayilla
    jayilla CPS is so confusing at times *sigh*
  2. Core Teachers
    coreteachers Carol Caref- when they privatized custodial services in cps, wages went down dramatically, they're trying to do this to teachrs. #arneduncan
  3. Core Teachers
    coreteachers Teacher from Field ES asks for investigation of Field. Claims corruption and mismanagement. Offered portfolio of documentation to cps. #CBOE
  4. BethK
    travelgirl07 Why is CPS laying off teachers? if there is a $ issue, shouldn't administrators go first?

To read more about happenings at CPS, visit District 299, covering the Chicago public school system.

Protesters oppose Quinn's budget cuts and tax hikes

Per The Chicago Tribune, Gov. Pat Quinn tried to gain support for Illinois budget cuts and a proposed income tax increase on Tuesday at the Capitol in Springfield. The budgets cuts would come to some social services including the CTA in Chicago while Quinn has suggested to raise the income tax rate on individuals by 50 percent.

The cut backs and tax increase have met stiff opposition among state legislators while citizens have turned out in Springfield to protest the governor's proposals.

Twitter users in Chicago speak up:

  1. John Nothdurft
    thenoth @GregHinz: Comptroller Hynes rips Quinn's tax hike plan. I hope more people keep speaking up!
  2. ibsuperwoman
    ibsuperwoman [expletive] pat quinn. illinois' unemployment is at a staggering 10%. so he cuts funding to social services. I GOTSTA GET OUTTA THIS STATE!
  3. Slim Goodie
    Slim_Goodie Did I 4get 2 mention I attended a march/protest 2day? Folks N illinois R trying 2 get legislators 2 raise Ncome taxes 2 save human services
  4. Mary Strickland
    queenbizzy1118 IL lawmakers, here's a thought to balance the budget: why don't you all work for $1 for two years instead of raising my taxes?
  5. 2016 Olympic Bid
    2016olympicbid $61 million in service cuts coming for Chicago area transit despite tax increases. Daley's mismanaged CTA primary problem
  6. jaymesiemer
    jaymesiemer It angers me that Gov Quinn is holding soc service workers hostage in his budget. Do the next cuts really have to be made to foster kids?

What do you think of Quinn's proposals? Let us know by replying to @BTChicago on Twitter or leaving a comment here. Breaking Tweets Chicago: Your place for Chicago news, Twitter-style.

Sears Tower/Willis Tower going green

Per the Wall Street Journal, the new owner of the Sears Tower, Willis Group Holdings of the United Kingdom, has broad plans to greenify the 110-story building by upgrading its infrastructure, adding wind turbines, and possibly building an environment-friendly hotel adjacent to the landmark tower. The Sears Tower will be renamed Willis Tower later this year.

Local Tweeters posted their first thoughts about the news.

  1. Matt Cole
    urbanmatt No mention if painting bldg silver is off table > RT @chiarchitecture Sears Tower going for #LEED certification
  2. Chicago Architecture
    chiarchitecture Big shout out to @searstower! RT @EcoAchievers: Sears Tower going for #LEED certification by adding green features
  3. Elise Fleischaker
    EliseInChicago Sounds cool. (When does Willis Tower go into effect?) RT @ChicagoBreaking: 'Green' hotel, rooftop trees for Sears Tower?
  4. Mike Hernalsteen
    mikehernalsteen Sears... I mean, Willis Tower to get a face lift

The story also received national attention. Here's some other reaction around the country in 140 characters or less:

  1. Molly Block
    mollyblock (Houston, Texas) A tall order! Sears Tower to add #green features & likely seek #LEED certification:, via @chiarchitecture & @EcoAchievers
  2. CatrionaHarris
    CatrionaHarris (Orlando, Fla.) Hotel Sears Towers - and green? Cool! #greenbuild
  3. jaconsultants
    jaconsultants (San Diego, Calif.) I support "Sears Tower to Undergo $350M Green Remodel -" ( )

Legendary local journalist John Callaway dies

Per the Chicago Breaking News Center, widely-known Chicago journalist John Callaway, 72, died Tuesday evening in Racine, Wisc., after an apparent heartattack.

The longtime host of WTTW-Channel 11's news program Chicago Tonight started his journalism career at the City News Bureau of Chicago after dropping out of college. He became news director at WBBM-780 AM and changed the station to its current format in 1968. He spent time as CBS Radio's vice president for development of all-news stations travelling around the country before returning to Chicago in 1974. He retired from hosting Chicago Tonight in 1999.

Local Twitterers mourned the loss of the Chicago legend:

  1. maggiehendricks
    maggiehendricks R.I.P John Callaway, the longtime
  2. tink69
    tink69 whoa John Callaway dead. at 72. No warning. My mom is 72.
  3. keidra
    kdc RT @ColonelTribune: Sad news. Chicago journalist John Callaway dies. NO!
  4. eulalia
    queeneulalia @kdc i'm kinda blindsided by the news of callaway's death, & i can't even explain why. is that weird?
  5. Steve Lundin
    BIGfrontier #WTTW's John Callaway of Chicago Tonight fame dead at 72. One of the best journalists in the city - actually asked the tough questions.
  6. Craig Wieczorkiewicz
    thebreadline @CarolMarin My tribute to John Callaway, written shortly after I heard about his death Tuesday night:
  7. Steve King
    SteveAndJohnnie Sad news ... Channel 11's John Callaway has just died from a heart attack.

Judge rules probation for cop who beat bartender

Per the Chicago Breaking News Center, Chicago police officer Anthony Abbate was sentenced to two years probation today for his act of beating a woman who was tending a bar.

Judge John Fleming also imposed a curfew on Abbate and required him to attend anger management classes, undergo an alcohol evaluation, and perform 130 hours of community service for the attack on Karolina Obrycka.

Most Chicagoland Twitterers were disgusted with the ruling.

  1. Guinevere Tiffin
    Ginevra77 Ri. di. cu. lous. RT @Suntimes: BREAKING: Beat cop walks - Tony Abbate gets 2 years probation for beating bartender on video.
  2. karen anne marie
    emilystayedhere because being a cop & beating up a woman gets you probation & no jail time, thanks for making me feel safe Chicago
  3. Kris Garvey
    krisgarvey Ridiculous, he better not be a cop anymore RT @cbs2chicago Anthony Abbate, CPD officer who beat woman on video, gets probation, anger mgmt
  4. Javier Perez
    javierXperez cop gets 2 years probation for the world-viewed beating of a bartender-- another sad day in Chicago!
  5. Michael Sebastian
    msebastian Chicago cop beats a lady bartender, on tape, & gets probation. Can wait to see which city job they give him!
  6. karen anne marie
    emilystayedhere @ColonelTribune the COP got off with probation for BLATANTLY beating a woman, that sure as shit makes me feel safe in this city...awesome
  7. Natalie
    bakeanddestroy Cop gets probation for beating bartender (via @ChicagoBreaking) Welcome to Chicago...
  8. Natasha Liberman
    alacardchicago Disgusting! 250lb male cop is on video beating a 115lb female bartender and only gets probation? Seriously?!?!? WTF?

Related: One Chicago cop defended the ruling

Suburban parents push for book ban due to mature themes

Per, concerned parents of incoming freshmen at Antioch High School question one of the books on their children's summer reading list, "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian."

The book contains foul language and describes sexual acts which parents do not feel is appropriate for 13 and 14 year old students.

According to the article, "District Supt. Jay Sabatino said there is an alternative book for students whose parents do not approve of the selected title."

Most tweets agree the book should not be banned.

  1. aelibrarian
    aelibrarian :( books shouldn't be banned RT: @ColonelTribune: Book ban sought in Chicago suburbs. Has anyone read it?
  2. nagorsky
    nagorsky RT: @ColonelTribune: Book ban sought in Chicago burbs. I read this book and loved it. Can't wait for my boys to read it.
  3. Kyle Sowards
    eloquenteye They still ban books? WTF?!RT @ColonelTribune Book ban sought in Chicago suburbs. Has anyone read it?
  4. Len Kody
    lenkody Not a good day to be indigenous: Antioch school seeks to ban a Sherman Alexie book - RT:@windycitizen

Credit cards soon to be widely accepted in Chicago cabs

Per the Chicago Tribune, touch screen equipment will be installed in the back of up to 2,600 cabs in the city so passengers can swipe credit or debit cards to pay their fee.

Taxi industry executives hope these devices will ease customers' number one complaint that taxi drivers will not accept credit cards.

The TV screen attached to the back of the driver's seat displays a running tab and a final bill at the end of the cab ride. "It also lets customers add a tip onto their charge card. The screen displays suggested gratuities corresponding to rates of 15 percent, 20 percent and 25 percent," according to the article.

Enthralled Chicago Twitterers post updates, showing the new cab machines are much needed.

  1. JennFree
    JennFree love this in NY cabs RT @sarahschaale Maybe no more "credit card machine is broken, swear" from cabbies:
  2. Angela Frangias
    AFrangias Wonder if this will work...maybe Chicago taxi drivers will like this new gadget: touchscreens for credit card pmts
  3. Ryan Craver
    ryanmcraver about time chicago got touch screens in has had them for a while:
  4. Luvvie
    LuvvieIG @redeyechicago YAY! Those evil cabbies will stop putting me out their cabs now for paying w/ a debit card. JERKS!
  5. Todd Abbott
    toddizza The days of arguing with taxi drivers over using a credit card may soon be over. via @redeyechicago
  6. Jason F. VandeBoom
    jvandeboom "New device may make it easier for taxi passengers to pay with plastic" - - This would be great...

Beer truck flips over on tri-state tollway

Per the Tribune Co. Breaking News Center, a semi-truck tipped over and spilled its cargo, 40,000 pounds of Miller beer products, onto the southbound I-294 ramp going eastbound on I-290. The incident occurred Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. with limited impact to morning rush hour traffic. The driver suffered minor cuts and bruises, according to the article.

Chicago Twitterers are rather amused by the occurrence.

  1. skater48 Beer truck over turned on Eisenhower!! Open bar until cleaned up : )
  2. Jbrighterthanu Beer truck fell over on the highway. Who's going?
  3. flobie highway accident in chicago - beer truck loses it load all over the road. Poor beer :(
  4. randyHOD Beer truck overturns on Tri-State Tollway. Alcoholics around the Chicago metro area observe a moment of silence for their fallen soldiers..
  5. LarzCRM A Miller Beer truck has overturned on 294/290, spilling its contents onto the road. IDOT is touched by the help from local fraternities.

TwitPic posted by @snarkity


"Miller brewing truck meet Chicago potholes"

Obama addresses doctors in Chicago

Per the Chicago Tribune, President Barack Obama spoke with the American Medical Association (AMA) at Chicago's Hyatt Regency Hotel today about health care reform.

Obama is continuing to push for a public option to health care that can rival the private market, a topic that has at the top of his priorities during his short presidency. The topic is expected to dominate the calendar in Washington in the next coming weeks, far ahead of the president's goal to have passage by October.

According to the Tribune, Chicago-based AMA is the largest physician lobby in the United States and represents a quarter million doctors.

Obama arrived to Chicago at approximately 10:15 a.m. and was gone by 12:45 p.m. With him on his return flight to Washington D.C. in Air Force One were several Illinois Congressmen including Jesse Jackson Jr. and Danny Davis.

Outside the room where the president was giving his speech were people protesting, saying that what the president wants to do is not enough to fix the system as well as addressing other political issues of choice. Breaking Tweets Chicago Contributing Editor Sophia Madana was on the scene and tweeted what she saw:

  1. Sophia Madana
    smadana At the Hyatt Chicago where Obama will make speech. Protesters out standing across the street from main lobby
  2. Sophia Madana
    smadana Protesters are holding big yellow banner that says, "A Chicago welcome for Obama- 'KEEP YOUR @#%! PROMISES- repeal D.O.M.A., D.A.D.T"
  3. Sophia Madana
    smadana Some people are wearing read t-shirts that say CHOOSE LIFE and more signs read "Abortion is not health care" with graphic photos
  4. Sophia Madana
    smadana Equal rights protesters have begun chanting WHAT DO WE WANT? EQUAL RIGHTS! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!
  5. Sophia Madana
    smadana People from lots of causes are out today from wanting torture photos released to ending abortion
  6. Sophia Madana
    smadana Protesters advocating the release of torture photos are wearing orange jumpsuits and black-clothed bags over there heads.
  7. Sophia Madana
    smadana More protesters chant, "HEY HEY, HO HO! BIGOTRY HAS GOT TO GO!"

Madana also spoke with AMA member Mary Ann Stallings about the president's speech:

  1. Sophia Madana
    smadana Spoke with AMA Alliance member Mary Ann Stallings from Ark. She said she was very impressed w/ Obama's speech. She has an uninsured daughter
  2. Sophia Madana
    smadana Stallings said he laid out important stats and details and addressed where all the money is coming from, said speech was well received.
  3. Sophia Madana
    smadana Stallings also said Obama made it very obvious that he wants to work with the AMA to improve health care

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