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Dunkin Donuts gives out free coffee in Chicago


Chicago may have lost in the bidding for the 2016 Summer Olympics, but the city has gained some free coffee.

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Rick Bayless shares Top Chef victory on Twitter

Since winning "Top Chef Masters" on Tuesday, Rick Bayless posted many tweets and twitpics to show us how he has been congratulated on his latest achievement.

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Wicked Fun: Wicker Park Festival

By: Natasha Roman

Let the neighborhood partying begin, Wicker Park Festival starts this Saturday! On north Milwaukee Avenue (between North Avenue and Wood Street) the two-day fest will feature performances from over twenty different indie music groups, some of the tastiest foods from local eateries, arts, handcrafts, and family activities.

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Featured TwitPic: The View from Above

@juliealexandra posted this TwitPic with the caption, "Why yes, I am eating at the top of the Hancock Tower."


Giant Twister game at Millennium Park today

According to Chicago tweets, Millennium Park is hosting a massive Twister game, along with free wine tasting from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sounds like quite the Chi-town lunch break!

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A chance to meet President Obama

Chicago native Michelle Michalenko, a chef at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, had the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama today -- and she provided live observations via Twitter.

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Taste of Chicago reviews are in

The 2009 Taste of Chicago may have ended yesterday, but thoughts about the event continue to stream in today in the Twitterverse.

Twitter users are discussing both the good and the bad of Taste, and some controversy is also making the rounds.

(TwitPic posted by @hinamesmichelle)

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Crowds gather in Grant Park for holiday weekend

If you dared to venture to the loop this weekend, you witnessed how wild Chicago can get in the summer time. But for those of you who still haven't gone out of your way to taste Chicago and see the fireworks, let Breaking Tweets Chicago be your eyes and ears on the scene.

BT Chicago contributing editor Craig Kanalley and correspondent Maria Khan survived the large gathering that is July 3rd in Grant Park and lived to tweet about their adventures.

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Celebration begins for Fourth of July in Chicago

One of Chicago's craziest weekends is upon us and if you're still not sure what kind of activities to partake in, Metromix Chicago has the "schedge" laid out for you.

Most of the city has the day off today, and locals are tweeting up their weekend plans. Take a look and you might find some ideas!

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Local chef, reality TV contestant fond of Twitter

Local chef Rick Bayless, a "Top Chef Masters" contestant on Bravo who specializes in Mexican cuisine, has become big on tweeting. He's also found a quite following on Twitter, with more than 6,000 followers and a recent Chicago Tribune article tweeted 89 times today alone.

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What Chicago is Tasting-Monday

Chicagoans are buzzing about their Taste of Chicago plans on this Monday afternoon. The question on some minds is what to eat when they get there.

Here is a sampling of the suggestions from the Chicago Twitterverse.

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Free Broadway in Chicago concert this evening

A free Broadway in Chicago concert will be held tonight from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Petrillo Music Shell as part of Taste of Chicago. Jersey Boys and Mary Poppins could make an appearance, says Michael Lehet over at "What's a boy to do?".

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Taste of Chicago 2009 gets underway

By Natasha Roman

The Taste of Chicago is back. It starts today at 11 a.m. in Grant Park.

As one of the country's largest food festivals, Chicagoans and tourists alike look forward to sampling some of the best cuisine the city has to offer, but this year the Taste is slimming down. According to WGN Radio, there will only be 54 food vendors this year compared to last year's 63.

Festival organizers say vendor participation decreased in an effort to better control city traffic and was not related to the economy.

Per, all 54 food vendors are required by the city to "serve a minimum of two 'taste-of" portions,'" as part of the festival's emphasis on healthy eating. Some vendors will even team up with festival sponsor Humana, and display a "Healthy Choices" logo on their tents to promote the cause.

The Twitterverse doesn't seem to mind any of the changes. It's been buzzing about the return of the Taste of Chicago since yesterday.

  1. John Rigney
    aeturnus In the louisville airport on the way to The Taste of Chicago!
  2. Tammy Mz Coco Bryant
    MissCocoT Im ready to be in Chicago TODAY for the taste of Chicago....I cant wait for Friday!
  3. Jason Sicat
    jay_sicat Taste of Chicago opens up tomorrow, gimme gimme food and hot sweaty weather.
  4. Laurelle S.
    QueenLS im ready to hit up da Taste of Chicago tomorrow...FINALLY GEESH!!!
  5. XtremeNights
    XtremeNights So excited we are loading the plane for a trip to Chicago for the taste of Chicago starting this weekend!!!! Come and join us!!! FOOD!!
  6. Mindi Capp
    MCapp22 Stocked up on tickets for Taste of Chicago today! Get them ahead of time at Dominick's to avoid the lines and get a discount! Woot!
  7. Rosalee Inendino
    RoroGoNono sitting at school not doing work, but salivating at the potential for Taste of Chicago eatings for tomorrow...mmmmmm
  8. Ciara
    ciaramichelle Checking out all the booths for Taste of Chicago... I need to be prepared!
  9. Erin L. Thiele
    erinlthiele @spickney cool! Thanks. We're definitely hitting up Taste of Chicago. Love it!!!
  10. prisnBfan2
    prisnBfan2 waiting for the taste of chicago to start this weekend!

Here's some of the first Taste tweets today.

  1. falana bradford
    faliec getting ready to take my kids to the taste of chicago
  2. Chicago Sherpa
    funsherpa Prevent food coma, go early! Taste of Chicago opens today, 11am $8/strip of 12 food/drink tix. Grant Park, can't miss this!
  3. Home Run Inn
    HomeRunInn Anyone attending the Taste today? Check out HRI at Booth 23 and tweet us your experience!
  4. Fab Ricia
    MzFabRicia THE TASTE starts today....who going with me????? I wanna eat up everything;-P

@janrx posted this TwitPic of the soon-to-open scene, which he encountered along his bike path:


Related link: Taste tips for parents at Wee Windy City

Are you going to Taste? Tweet your thoughts from the event or afterward to @BTChicago. We'll be compiling tweets as the event goes on.

Starfruit offers frozen treats at new Lincoln Park location

Twitter-savvy Starfruit Cafe (@StarfruitCafe) is no longer just in the West Loop. It has opened a new location at 2142 N. Halsted St. in Lincoln Park.

The new site is "just in time for the hot weather," notes Leah Zeldes of It offers its renowned "delicious and healthful frozen kefir," a yogurtlike treat with fruit toppings, as well as kefir smoothies. Kefir is a "creamy, effervescent dairy beverage" popular in Europe, according to Zeldes.

@StarfruitCafe is active on Twitter and it frequently interacts with users.

Local Chicagoans are tweeting their love for the newest local chain.

  1. ChiFroYo
    ChiFroYo Love that Starfruit now has a kids size cup! And, another plus, it fits mango & mochi for my 'lil guy! I hope more stores follow suit...
  2. Stephanie Miller
    stephiann At Starfruit with Val. @ShelleBelle5716, are you jealous?
  3. Leah A. Zeldes
    zeldes Dining #Chicago: Cool off with kefir at Starfruit:
    Just in time for hot weather, Starfruit Cafe..
  4. Julie Smolyansky
    JulieSmolyansky @GinaSpot Hey Gina, its @starfruitcafe LOL, good thing i searched "starfruit" to see who's talking about it. Did you like it? tennis today?
  5. Gina Bee
    GinaSpot 1.5 hours of tennis in THIS crazy heat?? Time for a visit to @starfruit since I'm in Lincoln Pk. Julie? You there?

@mattsland posted this TwitPic on Monday of a blueberry frozen kefir from Starfruit Cafe:


Frozen kefir from the new Starfruit in Lincoln Park. Blueberry topped with granola & yogurt chips.

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