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Oprah leaving Chicago, ending show in 2011

It's official: Oprah's skipping town and will discontinue her show, a staple in daytime-talk television for the last 24 years. Now that the word is out, and the idea of an Oprah-less television era has sunk into a reality, what are local tweeters thinking?

While some are treating the news like another sign of the apocalypse, others seem to think that the world will be just fine without the talk show queen.

  1. Sabrina St. Peter
    sabrinastpeter I literally do not know life sans Oprah. Show started year after I was born. @todayshow: NBC confirms #Oprah decided to end her show. #sad
  2. Fortitude1913
    Fortitude1913 Also proud of what @oprah has done for #chicago. West Loop was all warehouses before Harpo moved in. Now a destination area.
  3. Jayden English
    SuperJaye I just want to tell @oprah I am saddened, and a little hurt, but this is better than you moving your show to LA.
  4. Ian Barton
    ijbarton might be alone in thinking that the end of Oprah's show will not be the downfall of Chicago
  5. natg115
    natg115 What if the @oprah thing is all a huge rumor to boost ratings?
  6. Bethany Kaufmann
    Bekelulu I can't believe Oprah Winfrey is leaving Chicago! Do we really think the media "got to her" as Mayor Daley says?
  7. PrettyAfrika Designs
    prettyafrika RT @Fortitude1913: @oprah will be fine and TV will survive without her. She has made an indelible mark in the broadcasting world.



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LGBloom said:

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Prediction: Oprah will announce her candidacy on the tenth anniversary of 9-11, two days after her last show.

Jose Rodriguez said:

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Without Oprah maybe we can start living in a "real world" where people choose to do things for themselves and not because Oprah said so. I am just happy that I am not going to watch a talk show where commercials are shown every 5 minutes. In addition, Oprah was a good talk show host, but people move on. She leaving chicago before Chicago leaves her.

Christina said:

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"I literally do not know life sans Oprah"

There's more to life than Oprah, or any one person.

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