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Michael Scott found dead: Chicago Twitter Reaction

Chicago School Board president Michael Scott was found dead early this morning; police investigating his death believe he shot himself and fell into the Chicago River.

Locals are voicing their concerns via Twitter, and some strongly believe Scott's death was not result of a suicide.

  1. Gabrielle Gambrell
    missgambrell Alright Chicago...I find it very hard to believe that Michael Scott committed suicide. Something fishy is going on...
  2. Christine Esposito
    TerracomChicago Very saddened by the sudden loss of Michael Scott, a longtime Chicago civic leader whose causes included sustainability.
  3. Kinelam Howard
    Born2Boss What really happened to CPS board President #Michael Scott? Suicide or homicide?
  4. Jazzy
    jazzydavenport this Michael Scott story is still trippin me out!
  5. Colleen Coyle
    ColleenMaryC Prayers go out to CPS School Board President Michael Scott who was found in the Chicago River this morning.
  6. Ms. Tracie
    noelleamor Michael Scott, the black Board Prez of Chicago Public Schools was shot in the head and found in the Chicago River. Suicide? Yea Right!
    REYMELLO RT @LoniSwain: Story is developing on the death of CPS board chairman Michael Scott. He suffered a gunshot to the left temple.«««« Swear : /



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Fernando Diaz said:


This definitely seems like Chris Kelly Redux, without the federal indictments, if course.

Sophia Madana said:


It's the first thing I thought of when I heard... I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Scott on a few occasions. He seemed like a good, honest man.

mandie56 said:

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if michael scott planned on commiting suicide he sure in the heck wouldne do it by a river......and the cops are stupit if they believe that.............

mandie56 said:

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i mean really stupit does this sound...he commited suicide by the river...theres no way ..only an a stupit dumb idiot would believe that....someone definately killed him and dumbed his body at the river and made it look like a suicide...........and the cops and fbi need to get off the butts and do some work and start cracking down on all this crime thats going on...and theres enough cops on the police force to cruse these areas where all these kids are getting killed as well.i think they are afraid of these murders thats why all this keeps going could all be prevented.

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