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Chicago remembers Walter Payton

Chicagoans at the Bears game against the Browns today saw a tribute to football legend Walter Payton on the 10-year anniversary of his death.

Twitterers commented on the video clip shown at half time and some are campaigning to make #sweetness, Payton's nickname, a trending topic on Twitter. Some were upset to see CBS only broadcast a short clip and not the entire video.

Click here to see Walter Payton's tribute video.

  1. Laura G
    LauraG74 very grateful I got to grow up watching Walter Payton play football for The Chicago Bears #sweetness #34
  2. Penelope
    pennie05 is remembering Walter Payton They don't make 'em like #Sweetness anymore.
  3. Jill Carlson Delira
    jcarldelira Standing ovation after video tribute to Walter Payton...not a dry eye in the place
  4. Dan Braxton
    BraxtonMedia Disappointed the #WalterPayton #Sweetness tribute was not telecast. Second half underway from Soldier Field Bears in possession
  5. MyJhune Morris
    mrmorris0205 The 10th Anniversary of sweetness's death. He was a great player and a wonderful person I got a chance to meet. RIP Walter Payton.
  6. Paul Sullivan
    PWSullivan CBS gives short shrift to Walter Payton ceremonies. We could've gone without the highlights and inane studio banter to hear Connie talk.
  7. Julie DiCaro
    aleagueofherown RT @bigdeadsidebar #Sweetness needs 2B a TT today. #Sweetness #Sweetness #Sweetness #Sweetness #Sweetness #Sweetness #Sweetness #Sweetness
  8. Tremayne Rountree
    Teknosport1 The Number 34 is on the field for Walter "Sweetness" Payton. 10 years ago, Walter passed away.
  9. Tina Olsen
    tinao37 Walter Payton tribute video played during halftime: We miss you #34. #sweetness will always be with us.
  10. Katie Garza
    sevencitiesago I dont really like football that much, but I do understand how amazing Walter Payton was. BEASTTTT. r.i.p 10 years today. A true legend.
  11. Steve Green
    steveGOgreen RT @Suntimes: The #Bears have the Walter Payton halftime video tribute posted Bears RB scoring a TD was the reminder.



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Bruthabuz said:

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There will never be another one like #34 Sweetness, on or off the field.

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