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Twitter home not updating, falling hours behind

UPDATE: As of 2:30 Central Time, Twitter appears to be back to normal.

Twitter users are complaining this morning about an apparent glitch on their Twitter home pages.

While users can still send tweets, receive @ replies, relay direct messages, and use Twitter’s search function, their home page after logging in is not displaying new tweets. Instead, it now lags two hours behind (and counting).

Twitter’s official status blog wrote moments ago that it is “investigating a problem causing many users’ timelines to be delayed.” But it has yet to post any further updates to this point.

Tweets are flying in about the problem:

  1. Robert Vinet
    RobertVinet Why is twitter only showing tweets older than 2 hrs on my home page while searches reveal newer posts. Same on Web & TweetDeck.
  2. Marilyn
    M2M My twitter home is not refreshing anymore? It says no one posted in 2 hours. First that’s impossible and second, I know it’s not true!
  3. Julz Lugo
    JulzOnTheGO ummm helloo? twitter are you there ?….anyone home ?
  4. Kumar Ankush Abhay
    kumarankush Something is really fishy with my twitter home page.. anyone facing same issues?
  5. Martin Pinnau
    martinpinnau Grrr. Twitter Home page is broken. No updates have shown up in 2hrs even though people are tweeting.
  6. Meeks Amillion
    MeeksAmilli whats poppin’ with twitter? cant see any updates on my home page…
  7. Richard Witcombe
    RadoxTheGreen @twitter No updates on home page for 2 hours!
  8. Stan Mamula
    Stas_iu OK. What’s going on? Neither my Twitter home page nor Tweetdeck are updating, but I can view my followers individually and see their tweets.

For more, RedEye also looks into today’s Twitter outage.



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Megan Cottrell said:


This is such a relief. I thought it was just me somehow :)

Craig Kanalley said:


Not to worry, Megan, we're all affected. And still, I see.

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