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SNL Obama skit becomes viral hit

It's a show that has been talked about for days now, many thanks to Lady Gaga's "s-bomb" and an appearance from Madonna. But the real impact of the latest SNL seems to be a viral video on the Web, depicting President Barack Obama's accomplishments, or lack thereof.

The video is believed to have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times so far on Hulu and the NBC Web site, according to Mashable, and it's the first viral hit for SNL since the Tina Fey/Sarah Palin routines during the election campaign.

If you haven't seen the Obama accomplishments video, here it is, thanks to NBC. It even works in Chicago's Olympic bid:

As expected, Twitter users were all over this one, especially in Chicago, which is mentioned in the routine. While many enjoyed the skit, tweets show that not everyone did:

  1. Fortitude1913
    Fortitude1913 WOW. Obama getting clowned on SNL.
  2. FunGuYom
    FunGuYom Great SNL first skit was Obama complaining about not having any accomplishments. Haha.
  3. FunGuYom
    FunGuYom RT @EgbertoWillies: Wow. SNL really hit Obama hard on accomplishments tonight. Hope lights a fire under his admin.
  4. Jeff Derrickson
    JustSomeDude899 Watching tonight's episode of SNL, which is excellent so far. The opening skit brilliantly skewered Obama.
  5. warnerthuston
    warnerthuston @SkyBluez Saw the Obama clip. Didn't laugh. 'Course I haven't laughed at SNL for decades. Bluez
  6. Helen Levinson
    helenlevinson Check out the video- hysterical! RT @JoeNBC SNL Skit: Barack Obama is too weak to be dangerous.
  7. Sue H (Dee Bunk)
    Sky_Bluez @warnerthuston I didn't laugh at Obama SNL skit either, but it shocked me. Forgot to mention Afganistan jab was also from right #tcot
  8. Meha
    Meha SNL, u've been politi-FACT CHECKED. PolitiFact breaks down Obama skit w/ O's actual campaign promises. @politifact)



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