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'Little Fockers': Chicago tweeters spot celebrities on movie set

As word gets out that 'Little Fockers,' the third installment of the 'Meet the Parents' series, is filming in Chicago this week, tweets are popping up about celeb sightings around town.

So far, celebrities spotted are Jessica Alba, Owen Wilson, Robert De Niro and more. Chicagoans have been buzzing about seeing movie stars at Grant Park and the Red line Sheridan stop and Tribune's Luis Arroyave reports that celebrities attached to the movie ate at Spiaggia and Sunda.

  1. gruntmonkey
    gruntmonkey My day so far: walked onto location for "Little Fockers".
  2. Holly Coleman
    hollygcoleman Little Fockers being filmed outside my apartment!!! Celebrities beware, I will be on the prowl.
  3. gabriel j
    gabrieldjohnson They're shooting Little Fockers today at Dayton and Wrightwood. Saw Ben Stiller. Yep, all celebs are short.
  4. Luis Arroyave
    luisarroyave Robert De Niro ate @ Spiaggia Monday while his "Little Fockers" co-stars Ben Stiller and Jessica Alba ate @ Sunda
  5. Jenn Kloc
    jennkloc Ah, neat! They're setting up to film Little Fockers at the sheridan red line stop! Can i please please spot Paul Rudd?
  6. jodi lynn
    jodiiiiiiiiii so the movie being filmed on my block is 'little fockers' the 3rd meet the parents movie. cops and security everywhere. hey owen wilson heyy
  7. Hollywood Vulture
    Trent_Hollywood Blythe Danner and Robert Deniro were filming 'Little Fockers' yesterday in Grant Park! Not exactly 'The Godfather Part II' but still...



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frenny28 said:

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Are they filming across from the Sheridan L Stop?

Craig Kanalley said:


Yes, there has been sightings there.

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