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'Jersey Boys' show evacuated due to bomb threat

Suspicious packages were the cause of evacuation at Bank of America Theater tonight during a run of 'Jersey Boys,' a Broadway in Chicago musical.

Authorities did not find anything dangerous inside the boxes, but found two notes attached to each box, according to Chicago Breaking News Center; one note saying, "this is not a bomb," while the other note read, "this is not going to end good."

A few tweets came in shortly after the incident by mostly concerned Chicagoans.

  1. Michelle
    miro224 somebody is trying to blow up the Jersey Boys, darn that would be a loss...
  2. sean chang
    seanchang_ 2 suspicious boxes were just found in the alley next to Jersey Boys' theatre. show evacuated and cancelled. hope everything's okay.
  3. Nicholas Scarpino
    nickscarpino According to the man behind me on the train, a suspicious package found at Jersey Boys led to the show shutting down at intermission tonight
  4. Christie Dooley
    CMDooley Jersey Boys theater evacuated in middle of performance due to two suspicious packages. My bus drove right past it = not safe.
  5. Kirsten Lendyke
    KirstenLendyke Boo to whoever put scary boxes behind the theatre and caused Jersey Boys to be evacuated!
  6. jefframone
    jefframone Jersey Boys performance evacuated after bomb threat. $10 says someone in audience called in threat 2get outta having2 sit thru rest of show
  7. Stephanie Lynn
    SLHartel12 bomb threat at bank of america theater?wtf.thx #cta for not knoin s*.fml.



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DJShelly said:

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I was also surprised that they weren't detouring CTA busses...

were any of you on the bus where a girl in a yellow shirt was talking to out of towners and finally got a hold of someone since twitter was quiet? that was me ;-)


Craig Kanalley said:


Haha nice. Yeah, that is a bit of a surprise about CTA. Interesting.

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