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Improve your intelligence by playing Tetris

The human brain works in mysterious ways. It's so complex, yet for stimulation, sometimes the simpler the better.

Like Tetris simple.

Seriously - playing Tetris can improve your intelligence after repeated play, according to a new study, "leading to improved brain efficiency and a thicker cortex."

In fact, Tetris isn't simple at all, says researcher Dr. Richard Haier:

Tetris, for the brain, is quite complex. It requires many cognitive processes like attention, hand/eye co-ordination, memory and visual spatial problem solving all working together very quickly.

Reaction is streaming in from something else that is relatively simple, yet potentially intelligence-boosting: Twitter.

  1. Young
    sudofonik Tetris is good for your brain, says a study by the Mind Research Network. (No wonder I played it so much in college.)
  2. Jayne Hanford
    jayneh Study: Tetris Is Good for Your Brain - yay for procrastination! - -
  3. Dark Comedy
    DarkComedy Um... how bout, THINKING is good for the brain! DUH. #ScientistFAIL RT @Ravelong: Tetris Good for the Brain Says Study
  4. reel_life
    reellife RT @GamePolitics: Tetris Good for the Brain Says Study - finally an excuse for my obsession.

Excuse me while I dust off the ol' Gameboy.



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