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Detroit Marathon deaths resonate with Chicagoans

One week after the world-renowned Chicago Marathon, three men died at the 32nd annual Detroit Marathon on Sunday due to apparent heartattacks.

The last death at the Detroit Marathon was in 1994 when a 42-year-old man died of a heart attack, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Rick Brown (65), Jon Fenlon (26), and Daniel Langdon (36) collapsed, Brown and Langdon during the event and Fenlon shortly after finishing.

Chicago Twitter users, like others in the region and across the nation, are shocked by the tragedy and passing along their sympathies.

  1. Mohammad
    insanemo R.I.P always sad to hear news like this RT @krzimmer: OMG Three men died running in the Detroit Marathon this morning?!
  2. Emily Mullen
    fishyillini RT @krzimmer OMG Three men died running in the Detroit Marathon this morning?! Wow.
  3. Bill Welense
    welense No one was shot during the Detroit marathon. Unfortunately, 3 people really did die though RT @ChuckGoudie, @freep
  4. Brent Hill
    Brent_Hill Hearing some sad reports from the Detroit Marathon today, as 3 runners died.
  5. Ellen DePodesta
    ChicagoPR Tragic: 3 runners die in Detroit Half Marathon
  6.  David Kalimuthu
    DaveDoinWork There people died today at the Detroit marathon. It's so cold in the D...
  7. Sushma Raju
    SushmaRaju How did 3 people manage to die within 20 minutes of each other at the Detroit marathon?
  8. Mark Bennardo
    MarkBennardo Three different people collapse and die during the Detroit half-marathon. Early reports say all were cardiac arrest. So sad.



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