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Columbus Day 2009: What does it mean to you?

It's Columbus Day in Chicago. But what does that really mean?

Well, this day commemorates Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. Bet you didn't know it became a Colorado state holiday in 1905 and officially a federal holiday in 1934.

In 2009, it's not really a holiday-holiday. It's observed, and banks close, as well as some businesses, government institutions, and schools. But not all hold the day in such high esteem; there's also many places that don't honor it.

So is it really something worth celebrating? And if so, how?

Local Twitter users searched deep into their souls to answer these questions and others and came up with these observations about today's special day:

  1. djpillsd
    djpillsd Love watching the Columbus day parade cause it's so funny that no one goes to it.
  2. Jeremy
    blodgett Things I don't celebrate and never intend to: Columbus Day.
  3. Wes Norris
    4point0show You SHOULDN'T have school on Columbus Day... cuz the only thing that you can teach is lies... just give the kids the day off instead
  4. Meagan
    meaganoff RT: @NathanPease @bilald Refresh my memory: Columbus Day is when kids come to your door & you give them blankets filled with cholera, right?
  5. Monica Natalia
    monicanatalia F%&! Columbus Day that man was a lost f%&!er who murder tons of people...stupid f%&! why is he celebrated for being a dumb ass killer? <.<
  6. Stephanie Jones
    createitstef Oh Columbus Day-I don't know whether to love or hate you...I still have to go to school,but don't have work. You didn't discover anything..
  7. Bex Cahnmann
    TheBexFiles Thank you Columbus, for being such an arrogant prick and giving narcissistic Americans everywhere another excuse to take a 3 day weekend.
  8. marcel pacatte
    mpacatte This made me laugh out loud. Thanks! RT @heychris: Grrr...stupid bank is stupid closed because of stupid Columbus Day. Stupid.

How do you feel about Columbus Day? Does it mean anything to you? Should it be a holiday or not? And how will you spend the day?



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Cal30 said:


It means that old Chris was about 492 years late. Leif Erikson beat him to it.

Craig Kanalley said:


That's very true.

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