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Chicago out for 2016 Olympics: Daley Plaza "celebration" turns depressing

There was plenty of buzz leading up to today's IOC decision at 11:57 a.m. Central Time. That was the time, supposedly, that everyone would find out if Chicago or Rio de Janeiro would be awarded the 2016 Olympics.

A Chicago 2016 Olympics was not to be, as today's Daley Plaza party took a dramatic premature turn and Chicago was knocked out in the first round, something that nobody saw coming.

Twitter users were live at the Plaza and relayed the initial reaction once the announcement took place:

  1. Theresa Carter
    thelocaltourist Vote is closed. And the 1st to be eliminated is .... #chi2016
  2. Theresa Carter
    thelocaltourist Chicago. The crowd is shocked. Shocked. #chi2016
  3. Mary Jo Maffei
    MJMaffei Shock in Daley Plaza. #chi2016
  4. Chicago Athlete
    ChicagoAthlete Stunned silence in Daley Plaza. Chicago out in 1st round! Nobody expected this, experts and fans alike. Rio must be in front at this point
  5. Redeye Chicago
    redeyechicago So that's it. Chicago out of 2016 Olympics contention. Send in your reaction with hashtag #redeye2016.
  6. Joe Gerace Jr.
    acegerace Got to Daley plaza just in time to hear we already lost.
  7. Jerry Moore
    MrWesternSuburb I saw Cubs fans waving the goofy "W" signs at Daley Plaza right before the IOC vote eliminating Chicago. Keep your curse on the North Side!
  8. Kristina Oderinde
    krissykrinkle @BillyDec I just left Daley Plaza and everyone was in complete shock. I still can't believe it.
    kizerandbender Our hearts just sank. Chicago is out of Olympic contension in the first round. Crowd at Daley Plaza watches in stunned silence.
  10. Chicago Athlete
    ChicagoAthlete Stunned silence in Daley Plaza. Chicago out in 1st round! Nobody expected this, experts and fans alike. Rio must be in front at this point
  11. Kim
    moonageradio In Daley Plaza. I almost feel bad-lots of sad/long faces and banners disappointingly folded down
  12. Mike Maddaloni
    thehotiron Just back from the deflated Daley Plaza...

It was an emotional turn of events, as there was noticeable excitement at Daley Plaza leading up to the elimination:

  1. Mary Jo Maffei
    MJMaffei People are excited! They are showing a video about Chicago. #chi2016
  2. Ernest Wilkins
    ErnestWilkins IMPROMPTU TWEETUP AT DALEY PLAZA! If you are here and can read these words, COME TO THE SCREEN TO THE RIGHT OF THE MAIN STAGE!!!!
  3. Chicago Athlete
    ChicagoAthlete And...they are handing out awesome orange t-shirts #Chicago2016
  4. Theresa Carter
    thelocaltourist - The water in the Daley Plaza fountain is dyed orange!
  5. Mary Jo Maffei
    MJMaffei Band playing as people wave "It's Gonna Happen" signs.
  6. Chicago Athlete
    ChicagoAthlete Olympic fever is growing in Daley Plaza #Chicago2016



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January said:

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Have we all become crybabies? We lost...we are not supposed to get our way every time...that's life...get over it!

I am pretty sure there are more important issues in the city of Chicago and the Country than hosting the 2016 Olympic

1) The horrible drop in the Employment Rate?
2) The ridiculous violence against or youth?
3) The flood in Atlanta?
4) Health Care?
5) The Swine Flu?
6) The Wars (both domestic and foreign)

Can we ALL try to focus on something that we have the ability to change?

Rio has already won the vote for the 2016 Olympics so there is nothing we can do to change that.

Continuing a discussion regarding the events in history that we cannot change has a negative impact on the things we can change by delaying to attack the current situations at hand.



Craig Kanalley said:


Sure, January. I hear you.

But let's also pay some respect to those who worked very hard and spent much of their time to try to bring the Olympics to Chicago. Politics aside, let's tip our hats to them and recognize that.

Then, starting tomorrow, let's get to work.

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