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Chicago meets Ricketts family as new Cubs owners

Now that the sale of the Chicago Cubs is a done deal, the Ricketts family wants to make itself known to the city, especially to North side baseball fans who've been waiting many years for a step in a more positive direction.

"Our shareholders are our fans, and we're going to work for them," said Tom Ricketts yesterday at an official press conference. It's reassuring for Cubs fans to hear, but do they buy it?

Only Twitter can tell:

  1. jjhparker
    jjhparker I, for one, welcome our new ricketts overlords :) @Cubs #cubs
  2. David Jones
    davidvjones Tom Ricketts - "You can't charge someone $2,200 for a seat and then have them wait in line for an inning to go in a trough." Amen.
  3. TalkChiBaseball
    talkchibaseball Listening to Ricketts interview on The Score prepare youself to watch games at Wrigley Field at Pepsi Park in a year or two.
  4. jerger
    jerger Man crush on Tom Ricketts started today.
  5. Element KX Sneakers
    Elementkx Who cares about the Ricketts?!? The Cubs gonna suck anayways Any of the Ricketts know how 2 hit a fastball?
  6. Karen M Freeman
    KareFreeman Ricketts family bought the Cubs! I'm quite hopeful! They have big plans!
  7. JasSta
    jasonstahovic Go Cubs Go...Congratulations to the Ricketts Family please WIN the World Series!!
  8. Steve Dahl
    SteveDahlShow I watching the Ricketts family passing passing themselves off as middle class on CSN. Seriously?
  9. Alex Chaparro
    ChaparroGroup RT @BrianBernardoni: 1) Win the World Series2) Preserve Wrigley3) They love Chicago and they are here to stay. Good msg from Tom Ricketts.



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