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Biz Stone speaks at Columbia College Chicago

Co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone (@biz) spoke tonight at Film Row Cinema (Columbia College), 1104 S. Wabash Ave.

Stone first addressed students and faculty in a 45-minute talk with Q&A. He later delivered a talk opened to the general public, though in a sold-out auditorium.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users were tweeting during the address. They used the hashtag #bizstonecolum. Here’s some highlights:

  1. Kendra
    backroad Waiting for the event to get rolling, classic keynote feel with others with Macbooks out. #bizstonecolum
  2. Stacy Dean Britt
    wwwweaver “Creativity is a renewable resource” - @biz #bizstonecolum
  3. Nicole G. Simonds
    NicoleGSimonds i would love to meet biz stone’s parents - what are their secrets to raising such a cool guy #bizstonecolum
  4. Nicole G. Simonds
    NicoleGSimonds and their passion for a more open exchange of info to support global good #bizstonecolum
  5. Kalin Franks
    kalinelizabeth “An open exchange of information can have a positive impact on the world”-#bizstonecolum
  6. Pamela Birchard
    mapbackwardz a triumph of humanity, not a triumph of technology #bizstonecolum
  7. Stacy Dean Britt
    wwwweaver @biz was intelligent, charming, funny. Great event at #ColumbiaCollege #bizstonecolum

And here’s some notes I tweeted during Stone’s first presentation.

  1. Craig Kanalley
    ckanal .@biz: Twitter continues to grow b/c he & @ev have embraced experimentation & the unknown #bizstonecolum
  2. Craig Kanalley
    ckanal .@biz: Twitter inspired by AIM and rise of texting. Started as something fun, not so serious, grew from there #bizstonecolum
  3. Craig Kanalley
    ckanal .@biz: Twitter at a few yrs old, able to beat an age-old institution like AP for immediate info from the scene is remarkable. #bizstonecolum
  4. Craig Kanalley
    ckanal .@biz: Twitter’s ability to break news is something we’re particularly interested in & exploring right now #bizstonecolum
  5. Craig Kanalley
    ckanal .@biz says 1st revenue for Twitter will be commercial tools & providing companies with metrics/analytics #bizstonecolum
  6. Craig Kanalley
    ckanal .@biz: We’re not going anywhere. A lot of skeptics are thinking Twitter’s a fad but we’re around for the long haul #bizstonecolum

@JC-Nelson posted this TwitPic of Stone from the event:

Biz Stone at Columbia College in Chicago

“@biz took the stage #bizstonecolum” -per @JC_Nelson



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DJShelly said:

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yeah, i @replied you response??? :-( I was semi-live tweeting the students only one as well.

Craig Kanalley said:


Ah, I didn't see it...Just tweeted back! :-)

And thanks for the comment.

DJShelly said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

i had the search option open on my mac and tweeting every so often...put out the disclaimer at the beginning for my fb friends...LOL

Craig Kanalley said:


Haha, that's awesome. I thought about bringing my laptop, but decided not to. Really great idea.

Alicia Eler said:


Hey Craig, thanks for the helpful tweets. I'm particularly interested in this one:

ckanal .@biz: Twitter inspired by AIM and rise of texting. Started as something fun, not so serious, grew from there #bizstonecolum

It makes sense that Twitter would be the next big thing--it's a perfect combination of AIM and texting. Have there been any articles about this?

Shari Weiss said:


I actually describe it as 1/3 Facebook, 1/3 AIM and 1/3 group chat. I think it has qualities of all of them.

Craig Kanalley said:


Hey Shari, That's a GREAT way to describe it actually. It does have qualities of each and it's pretty much the perfect hybrid IMO -- especially since by nature it's so public and "open," yet you can also carry on conversations privately through DM. Really phenomenal technology.

Craig Kanalley said:


Thanks Alicia. I thought that was really interesting too.

I think I saw the AIM reference in one article before but I don't remember where. As for texting, the interesting part is Biz said texting was "just starting to get big" in the U.S. when Twitter started -- it had already been big in Europe -- and now it's just exploding. Perfect timing for Twitter.

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