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Balloon boy hoax revealed by Gawker

The now famous story of the "balloon boy", which captivated Colorado, the nation, the world, and even us here at ChicagoNow as we watched the story unfold -- was in fact a hoax, Gawker revealed today.

Ryan Tate posted an exclusive interview with a former co-worker of the balloon boy's father Richard Heene with explosive evidence, including emails, documents, and more.

Heene is depicted as someone who craves fame, having been on a reality TV show and having a YouTube music video featuring his children go viral. It's said that he'll do anything for public attention and is quoted as saying, "I don't care what people say about me as a person, but the fact of the matter is that they know who I am."

Twitter users quickly weighed in. Most were not surprised by the report.

  1. austinhkeenan
    austinhkeenan I KNEW reptilians were behind it! RT @gawker Balloon, Burst: Former Assistant Rats Out Richard Heene #balloonboy
  2. Laura Bird
    lnorthrup OH SNAP RT @gawker I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax #balloonboy
  3. Michael Hogan
    m1keh0gan Soooo ... what do we think of @Gawker's paid #balloonboy exclusive?
  4. Jason Woodill
    jasonwoodill wtf is wrong with the #balloonboy family? the dad and assistant @gawker should both go to jail.
  5. Veronica Crews
    veronicacrews So not surprised: RT @gawker: Gawker Exclusive: I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax #balloonboy

How about you? Are you surprised? What are your thoughts about this information and Gawker revealing it?



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Nikki Lynette said:


How is this NOT a punishable felony?

Craig Kanalley said:


Well, Sheriff just announced tonight that charges WILL be filed. What exactly remains to be seen:

Ryan Nagle said:


The balloon was actually a crippled UFO trying to escape earth's atmosphere.


Craig Kanalley said:


That could be :)

Jose Rodriguez said:

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I am sort of sad how the father acted like he was truly scared. In my opinion, I agree with Nikki, especially because it was all a hoax. This should be considered very serious. In addition, thank nature I found about this stupid news when it was over. Some people were hoping the kid was actually in the UFO ballon.

Craig Kanalley said:


Yes the whole thing is pretty ridiculous. Thanks for the comment.

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