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Taste of Chicago reviews are in

The 2009 Taste of Chicago may have ended yesterday, but thoughts about the event continue to stream in today in the Twitterverse.

Twitter users are discussing both the good and the bad of Taste, and some controversy is also making the rounds.

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These folks had positive reviews:

  1. .
    cindyr52 Finally made it to my first Taste of Chicago this year. What a great city!
  2. George Ikhtiari
    gikhtiari Went to the Taste of Chicago friday and saturday ,The fireworks display was awsome !!
  3. Art Institute Lions
    ChicagoLions SOUTH: Chicago is one of the world's great food cities. We could see that the past 10 days. Delicioso!
  4. Jay
    Imsoraw06 I had a blast dis wknd! I clubbed, got tipsy as hell, cards, did a few bbqs, da beach, n da taste of chicago. How was ur Holiday wknd?
  5. Andrew Phelan
    andyphelan45 The Taste of Chicago was a hot mess again this year.. but satisfied the urge for another 365 days.

Then there was the negative:

  1. Billie's Black
    billiesblack Billie's visits Chicago's Taste. Is more hype than authentic foods of the acclaimed restaurants. Very commercialized and got heartburn.
  2. Angela Frangias
    AFrangias [ Gee! Do U think it has anything to do w/ the violence in city?] RT @ChicagoBreaking Taste of Chicago attendance down 6%
  3. Madelyn Kasula
    MadelynKasula I advise everyone who visits Chicago during the summer to steer clear of A Taste of Chicago... It's not as fun as it sounds
  4. Bob Iles
    robertiles @EricZorn Less fireworks this year.... Just like the Taste of Chicago fireworks, REALLY disappointing.
  5. schmalex schmeaver
    suphokie taste of chicago attendance down 500k?? couldve fooled me.. i wanted a taser gun 2 get through those [expletive] crowds

And the controversy:

  1. The Windy Citizen
    windycitizen Out-of-control brawl at Taste of Chicago [video]
  2. gus sentementes
    GusSent @windycitizen Looks like they were serving knuckle sandwiches at the Taste of Chicago? har.
  3. Zac Thompson
    zeekaytee Goodness gracious RT @windycitizen Out-of-control brawl at Taste of Chicago [video]
  4. moxiphoto
    moxiphoto Back to work...missing the excitement of American's right to bear arms at Taste of Chicago!
    Chicagoist Was the Fourth of July more violent at the Taste of Chicago than city officials claim?

For more on the controversy, Mike Doyle has an insightful roundup at Chicagosphere of all the social media and blogosphere buzz on violence at Taste of Chicago.



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Joey Morelli said:


I cooked at The Taste. Since I was cooking and not buying tickets, it was fun.

The food ticket thing has to be re-thought. Just like the parking meter scam. It begs the question: who's the idiot?

Must be the same idiot who thought a magic bean in Millennium Park was more important than expanding subway lines & bus stops.

Chicago has the potential to be a Great American City. The Taste has the potential to be an affordable blast.

Right now, it's status quo, like a marriage on The North Shore: convenient, but nothing special.

Craig Kanalley said:


Joey, You bring up some great points. They have Taste in my hometown of Buffalo, N.Y., too, and what makes it so special is it's AFFORDABLE for all. Much better value and gives you a better opportunity to sample a good deal of food.

They make Taste in Buffalo a family-style event, and I'm actually going to it next weekend. Chicago could learn from something like that rather than the high prices and current ticket system they use, as you say.

Mr. Brown Thumb said:


I haven't been in years and don't really feel like I'm missing anything.

Craig Kanalley said:


Mr. Brown Thumb, I'm still fairly new to Chicago and haven't been to it in past years, but you didn't miss much! I enjoyed it as something new, but I'm not sure it's something I'd do every year.

MadelynKasula said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

Hello, my comment on A Taste of Chicago was used under the negative feedback for the festival. That comment was completely sarcastic and in reference to one of my friends. May I advise that before you post comments like that on a web page devoted to the subject of the tweets that you delve a little deeper into what the tweet was actually about? Thanks :)

Craig Kanalley said:


Hi Madelyn, Sorry about that. I just had another look at your Twitter feed, and it is almost impossible to know that was directed to a friend since it wasn't an @ reply, and the context (other tweets around it) didn't suggest sarcasm. Sometimes that's just a nature of collecting tweets, sorry about that again.

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