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Perfect: Mark Buehrle, White Sox take over Twitter

Did you see Mark Buehrle, #whitesox and Chicago White Sox jump up the Twitter trends today?

Unless you live in a cave, you'll know exactly why that happened, too. Mark Buehrle threw a perfect game, the second in Sox history and 18th in Major League Baseball history.

The real-time social networking site was filled with thoughts, reactions, links, and comments on the feat.

Some were actually at U.S. Cellular Field for the moment.

  1. JeffWillinger
    jwillie Buerhle no hitter through 8 innings!!! Oh my #whitesox the Cell is electric
  2. JeffWillinger
    jwillie Crowd at The Cell is on their feet as Buerhle takes the mound hitters 7-8-9 due to bat
  3. JeffWillinger
    jwillie Never seen anything like it-16th time in Major League history Mark Buerhle #whitesox perfect game-so happy I was here to witness
  4. Eric Bachelder
    Bachy_12 I just witnessed the 18th perfect game in major league history. I still can't believe it.
  5. Eleven Warriors
    elevenwarriors Just witnessed a perfect game. On the way to buy lotto tix. And 40s
  6. Reynel Penn
    RGP23 Witnessed history today in the flesh. RT @jemelehill FYI: Buehrle pitched the 17th perfect game in MLB history
  7. Dennis A
    SoapyGuy saw history made today at Cellular Field. #fb
  8. Tom Shafer
    shafertj - just witnessed Mark Buehrle's perfect game vs. Tampa Bay Rays

One group of people at the game actually missed its conclusion.

  1. maggiehendricks
    maggiehendricks We left early. My nephews comment? Its ok, I've already seen a no hitter.
  2. maggiehendricks
    maggiehendricks We left in the 4th inning when it started to drizzle. Had no idea perfection was on the way.

The rest of the Twitterverse had lots to say after the game:

  1. Ernesto Hernandez
    Ernesto_H President Obama reportedly called #Buerhle to congratulate him on the #perfectgame. #whitesox
  2. Anastasia Clarkson
    AClarkson goosebumps. RT @Shamberg: RT @cgrab34: check out @insidethesox "tweet-by-tweet" call of Buehrle's #perfectgame
  3. Bradley
    bradleyjp This is the major turning point of the season. #perfectgame
  4. Timmy Carioscio
    tcarioscio Riding the train home after witnessing mark buehrle's PERFECTION! #perfectgame
  5. Nate Towne
    IRONF1ST Congrats to mark buehrle for his perfect game and 2nd no hitter of his career. #perfectgame
  6. John Kristoff
    jkristoff All the videos you need #MarkBuerhle #whitesox #ChicagoWhiteSox #DeWayneWise #Rays #perfectgame



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Shari Weiss said:


Funny--in the first batch of tweets, everyone gave different numbers for the perfect game. Is the 16th, 17th or 18th?

Saw a clip of Obama talking about the game. Pretty funny. Love this side of him.

Craig Kanalley said:


I found that funny too. It should be 18. Sixteen in the modern baseball era and two before then, but 18 officially in the MLB record books.

Love that side of Obama too. Thanks for the comment, Shari.

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