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Authors and writers on Twitter in Chicago

These folks have a way with words, having published numerous books, articles, and literary works, and that makes their tweets extra interesting to follow.

If you're interested in writing in Chicago, these are Twitter users you won't want to miss.

1. darrenwilliger

Bio: Sharing knowledge through article writing hobby including occasional tidbits of wisdom. Here is where you will find the myth and legend, meet the man @williger.
Greatest Assets: Shares knowledge and inspiration, posts links to new articles.
Sample Tweet: Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.
Follow @darrenwilliger Also tweets much more and interacts at personal account @williger

2. amyguth

Bio: Digital Coordinator/Books at Chicago Tribune. Chicago Subtext blogger. Author. Runner. Adventuress.
Greatest Assets: Plenty of creativity and ideas, tweets often, interacts, and also integrates her literary blog.
Sample Tweet: "In the first forty days, a boy had been with him." - from Hemingway's The Old Man and The Sea #2ndlines
Follow @amyguth

3. MarcusSakey

Bio: I'm an award-winning novelist with three books (all sold to film) and a fourth, THE AMATEURS, coming in August.
Greatest Assets: Asks questions, engages users, hosts contests, interacts with others.
Sample Tweet: What's something that always makes you smile? Ready, go. #TheAmateurs
Follow @MarcusSakey

4. BenTanzer

Bio: Ben Tanzer is the spokesperson for TBWCYL, Inc. and the author of the books Lucky Man, Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine and Repetition Patterns.
Greatest Assets: Unique style of tweeting; posts short, quick snippets.
Sample Tweet: Sleep. Short. Run. Yes. Cool. Than humid. Knee. Good. Music. Nice. Local H. Wilco. Pink Floyd. Boys up. No chocolate syrup left. Very sad.
Follow @BenTanzer

5. adistas

Bio: Writer, editor and podcaster. Expertise in biopharma development and public health. Health 2.0 evangelist, haiku ninja and shoot-from-the-hip word slinger
Greatest Assets: Posts interesting links, frequently tweets and interacts, posts what he's up to.
Sample Tweet: Editing white paper on transformational change within pharma. Great topic, great structure -- looking forward to publishing this one.
Follow @adistas

6. EHal76

Bio: Rockband-loving, social media blogging stepmom
Greatest Assets: Highly-motivated, always writing and always looking to connect with others
Sample Tweet: writing a memoir is a fascinating experience. I've got old journals and pictures out trying to remember what my life was like 33 years ago
Follow @EHal76

7. ToThink

Bio: Mama / Writer / Blogger / Carni
Greatest Assets: Idea thinktank, willing to help others, interacts and tweets frequently.
Sample Tweet: I pushed publish on this and have felt sick ever since. On loss...
Follow @ToThink

8. Davereidywriter

Bio: Author of the debut short-story collection Captive Audience. Find it on Amazon here:
Greatest Assets: Frequently interacts, shares opinions, posts what he's up to and shares knowledge with others.
Sample Tweet: Excellent! That's a cool way to read collections. RT @aliciaeler im alternating between your book and miranda july's "no one belongs..."
Follow @Davereidywriter

9. meganstielstra

Bio: I tell stories and help other people tell stories.
Greatest Assets: Snarky, clever use of words, shares bits of personal life, interacts and helps others.
Sample Tweet: @christopherjob I dropped my beach house in the coffee cup.
Follow @meganstielstra

10. jadamsoaks

Bio: Writer, bartender, twitterer
Greatest Assets: Creative use of language, interacts, puts plenty of personality in his tweets.
Sample Tweet: Are you going away, clouds? I will not miss you, but I'll think of you often.
Follow @jadamsoaks

Also worth following in the writing and publishing industry:


Bio: Executive Editor, Other Voices Books and author of the novel My Sister's Continent.
Greatest Assets: Posts about other authors, highlights outstanding writing, examines industry trends and interacts.
Sample Tweet: Go Richard! RT @TNBtweets: Richard Nash @R_Nash writes on the future of what he used to call publishing.
Follow @Ginafrangello


Bio: Author: How to Hold a Woman and The Logic of a Rose. Art. Dir. of Polyphony H.S., nat'l litmag for H.S. writers and editors. Former Teen Idol (local).
Greatest Assets: Interacts, helps others, posts what he's up to.
Sample Tweet: three weeks to revise "The Man With Two Arms." Then, on to consult Aaron de Long on his sequel. "The Man With Two Legs."
Follow @BillyLombardo


Bio: Dzanc Books is a nonprofit publishing company.
Greatest Assets: Posts about events and various useful links.
Sample Tweet: Reminder: Tonight at 7, Matt Bell and Mike Czyzniejewski read at the final author event ever at Shaman Drum in Ann Arbor. Don't miss it!
Follow @DzancBooks

Featherproof Books

Bio: We look good on paper.
Greatest Assets: Tweets about events and special promotions; frequently interacts.
Sample Tweet: Reminder: Tonight at 7, Matt Bell and Mike Czyzniejewski read at the final author event ever at Shaman Drum in Ann Arbor. Don't miss it!
Follow @featherproof

Open Books

Bio: A Chicago non-profit dedicated to promoting literacy!
Greatest Assets: Posts links, interacts and tweets about events.
Sample Tweet: So, why is Open Books committing 24 hours to blogging? Find out here #blogathon
Follow @openbooks

Did we miss a great Chicago-based author or writer on Twitter? Let us know by leaving a comment or replying to @BTChicago.



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Shari Weiss said:


Another great list. Waiting for one I'm actually on! Ha!

Craig Kanalley said:


Someday... -- Thanks for the comment!

Darren Williger said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

I'm rarely at a loss of words, but rather speechless and grateful. This is encouraging me to finish up more projects too, Thank you!

Craig Kanalley said:


Happy to feature you, Darren. You provide great tweets & insight, you're engaged on Twitter, and your response here shows why you're No. 1 on the list. Keep up the great work on your tweets and projects.

Ben Tanzer said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

What a nice surprise, thanks so much for the shout-out. That said, I do feel some pressure now to be freakishly witty, but that's on me.

Craig Kanalley said:


Don't feel too much pressure. No one tweets the way you do from what I've seen and you have good stuff. Glad to include you!

Gina Frangello said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

Thanks for the mention! What an unexpected pleasure.

Craig Kanalley said:


You deserve it, Gina. Not everyone in the literary world "gets" Twitter, but you certainly do, along with the rest of this list.

Julie Hunt said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

how about publishchicago

Julie Hunt said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

how about publishchicago

Craig Kanalley said:


Thanks Julie. It can be added. I'll work on that, thanks.

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