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Starfruit offers frozen treats at new Lincoln Park location

Twitter-savvy Starfruit Cafe (@StarfruitCafe) is no longer just in the West Loop. It has opened a new location at 2142 N. Halsted St. in Lincoln Park.

The new site is "just in time for the hot weather," notes Leah Zeldes of It offers its renowned "delicious and healthful frozen kefir," a yogurtlike treat with fruit toppings, as well as kefir smoothies. Kefir is a "creamy, effervescent dairy beverage" popular in Europe, according to Zeldes.

@StarfruitCafe is active on Twitter and it frequently interacts with users.

Local Chicagoans are tweeting their love for the newest local chain.

  1. ChiFroYo
    ChiFroYo Love that Starfruit now has a kids size cup! And, another plus, it fits mango & mochi for my 'lil guy! I hope more stores follow suit...
  2. Stephanie Miller
    stephiann At Starfruit with Val. @ShelleBelle5716, are you jealous?
  3. Leah A. Zeldes
    zeldes Dining #Chicago: Cool off with kefir at Starfruit:
    Just in time for hot weather, Starfruit Cafe..
  4. Julie Smolyansky
    JulieSmolyansky @GinaSpot Hey Gina, its @starfruitcafe LOL, good thing i searched "starfruit" to see who's talking about it. Did you like it? tennis today?
  5. Gina Bee
    GinaSpot 1.5 hours of tennis in THIS crazy heat?? Time for a visit to @starfruit since I'm in Lincoln Pk. Julie? You there?

@mattsland posted this TwitPic on Monday of a blueberry frozen kefir from Starfruit Cafe:


Frozen kefir from the new Starfruit in Lincoln Park. Blueberry topped with granola & yogurt chips.



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