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Local chef, reality TV contestant fond of Twitter

Local chef Rick Bayless, a "Top Chef Masters" contestant on Bravo who specializes in Mexican cuisine, has become big on tweeting. He's also found a quite following on Twitter, with more than 6,000 followers and a recent Chicago Tribune article tweeted 89 times today alone.

Bayless frequently interacts with fans and provides all kinds of tips. Some recent tweets:

  1. Rick Bayless
    RickBayless - Wacky new dessert n Topolo.Cherimoya cake cherimoya raspado, soft white chocolate, cocoa nibs&carm black olives.
  2. Rick Bayless
    RickBayless @webgourmand If I want to go authentic, I use Spanish bomba; otherwise I use medium grain
  3. Rick Bayless
    RickBayless - Just finished serving 300 chicken/red onion tacos@Fancy Food. Ran out. Forced to eat@Javitz food ct. Embarassing
  4. Rick Bayless
    RickBayless @BorgbearIL I love to make "chimichurri" w roasted garlic,rstd serrano,EVOO,cilantro,salt. Blend smooth n fproc. Just b4 serving, add lime.

He's even managed to fit an entire recipe into one tweet:

  1. Rick Bayless
    Rick_Bayless str shrtcake biskit: fd proc: 16oz flour,1/2c sgr,3/2t b pwdr,1/2t salt,8oz btr.Pulse 2 sand.Add 2/3c btrmlk,2 eggs.Pulse2ball.Form.400*/15m

Chicago's all atwitter about Bayless. Here's the latest buzz:

  1. Joseph Belpedio
    JoeyB708 @RickBayless just watched, your Top Chef episode, Congrats and good luck in the final round. way to represent Chicago! Bayless
  2. A Marie Ross
    AnnieR So I knew Grant Achatz, @Gachatz, was on Twitter but which one of you forget to tell me Rick Bayless was as well? @rickbayless #FoodieFAIL
  3. Starr aka Steampunk
    starrchez cool...@RickBayless is on twitter...I LUV his show!!
  4. Garrett Taylor
    dustbath @RickBayless absolutely, I would buy street food from your stall anyday! Bayless
  5. Lauren Whitney
    ohmypuddin let's talk about @RickBayless :: new blog post
  6. Cheryl Tan
    cheryltan88 Missed @rickbayless by just three minutes today at the Fancy Food show. Darn!
  7. redeyechicago
    redeyechicago I interviewed @rick_bayless for my social media column. - then check out my extended Web-only piece:



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