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Hawks get 6th straight vs. Flames

A dousing of the Flames led by Jonathon Toews gave the Blackhawks their season high 6th straight victory last night. In a tightly contested Western Conference the Hawks now find themselves sitting 4th, looking at home ice advantage for a first round matchup.

Morale is high, the bandwagon is gaining steam, so where do I go with this? Should I talk about how a repeat may be in order? Or about last night's game? Or should I find something negative to discuss during the Hawks most positive stretch this year? How about all of the above...

Toews was awesome again last night.  Along with Kane and Sharp, Toews' line has been magical the past few weeks.  If Captain Serious can continue to fill up the stat sheet at his current pace, MVP is defintiely not out of the question.  He gets plenty of love in Chicago for his intangibles. Add 90 points to that resume and your looking at debateably the best player in the league.

And speaking of the stat sheet, hello Michael Frolik. A goal and 2 assists? Should I buy my jersey now or hold off a few more games? You could tell early on in the game that Frolik had it going on.  I was expecting at least a point so seeing 3 was delightful.  Im curious to see if continued production will get him a bump up to the 2nd line.

But being somewhat of a realist never allows me to get too high so let's let some air out of this rapidly expanding balloon. Yea the Hawks have won 6 straight and are looking more and more primed for a playoff run everyday, but can the Hawks honestly win anything without drastically improving their 3rd period play?

Come on already.  Let's kick someone while they're down for once.  Yea we've been winning but Calgary, Minnesota, and Phoenix were all allowed to waltz right back into the game during the 3rd period after being outplayed by the Hawks during the first 2.

Let's play a full 60 minutes. If you have to embarass teams to maintain your style of play so be it. But slowing down once the game is pretty much in hand is going to come back and bite the Hawks sometime soon.

But winning is winning so I'm going to go back to being positive.  Now that we're on the inside looking out I've been pondering potential playoff matches.  Honestly, I wish the Hawks would get an 8 seed and smoke Vancouver in the 1st round. But that's just me.

With a 7th consecutive victory at stake tomorrow, hopefully the Hawks can further cement their home ice advantage for the post season. We'll have to wait and see...



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