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Ulcers, Karaoke, and Talk Radio

Blackhawks Confidential has faded into the blogging abyss and there is no one to blame but myself. Time has been sparse for me as of late, for a whole multitude of reasons, but I'm not one to make excuses. I apologize for the lull in posts the past few weeks; but this isn't about me, it's about our Hawks, so let's get to it.

I considered doing a pregame but what is there to say about facing Nashville? Coach Q better not be lying when he says his ulcer is completely unrelated to stress.  Facing off against Barry Trotz's trap is enough to give any man gastrointestinal problems.  Jack Skille seemed to show up big vs. the Preds so it only makes sense that Michael Frolik is the obvious pick to click for tonight.

But I don't want to talk about tonight. Tonight is like many other nights this season.  Time and time and time again the Hawks have played themselves into a position where one game becomes the "turning point" of the season. As the standings clearly reflect, the Hawks are yet to turn that corner. Could tonight be that night? Who the hell knows...

Until we have 60 minutes of Hawks vs. Predators to digest I wanted to spend some time  discussing Patrick Kane and Chicago sports radio. Last Friday morning a friend contacted me after playing a little rat hockey at Johnny's Ice House. He said "Some guy at rat this morning was saying he saw Patrick Kane out at a bar Sunday night, hammered, singing karaoke..." My initial thought was good for him. Sunday funday with a little karaoke to top it off is something that every man probably wishes he could regularly pencil into his schedule.  But then I thought about how he had "the flu" Monday and Tuesday and missed practice. Hmmm seems a little fishy to me.  Then I turn on the score as I'm driving to work Tuesday and I hear that broke the story on Kane missing practice because he was drunk.

The guys on the score were saying that he's a punk, and his lifestyle doesn't support winning, and that things like this are exactly why he is the most tradeable Blackhawk.

Only one question came to my mind..."Are these guys insane?!?"

I guess the thing that really perplexed me is how a major media outlet who claims to cover all of Chicago sports needed a stupid blurb from deadspin to get on Patrick Kane. 

Especially in the context of this season.  Patrick Kane gets put with Toews and Sharp, finds a little groove, has three 3 point games and a 2 point game out of 7 contests and now his effort is going to be questioned because of a night of boozing? Makes no sense to me.

Where was The Score 3 months ago when the hardest skating Kane was doing was to and from the bench?

And to think he's expendable? Really? I may not agree with his lifestyle off the ice either but Patrick Kane is a pretty special talent. As a matter of fact, I can't think of anyone I would trade him for. When you look at his current skill with his potential to continuing growing Patrick Kane is the best 6 million dollar man in the NHL. And maybe his lifestyle slows down his development curve a tad, but every team in the NHL would feel blessed to have an immature Patrick Kane on their roster.

But that's enough rambling for one day, enjoy the game tonight, hopefully the Hawks can turn that metaphorical corner at Nashville's expense.



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