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Hawks vs. Stars Tonight!

Hawks vs. Stars tonight from Big D, Michael Frolik is set to make his debut wearing the Indian head. I was rather disheartened to see that he will be playing with Kopecky and Brouwer, (because Hossa is out with the flu) but a new face with some upside is something Hawks fans have been craving for weeks now.

Best of luck to you Jack Skille, I hope you find some good sunscreen for your pasty white skin down in Florida.  Sorry you were tied down here in a fourth line role.  You said it best in your exit interview, "Dale knows I'm more than a fourth liner."
I wish you the best wearing those ugly Panthers blues.

But let's focus on Frolik. A legimate scorer who apparently has top 6 potential. I don't how much stock I'd put into that but I am defintiley a huge advocate of this trade. Replacing an iffy 4th liner with a solid third liner, maybe even 2nd liner, seems like a genius move made by the Bowman Brain Trust.  I don't remember seeing Frolik play with the Panthers, but I'm hoping he can bring some of that gritty skill that is so desperately needed in the absence of guys like Ladd and Eager.

I know the Bowman's are still exploring more options as the trade deadline approachs.  Maybe they should see if San Jose would take Jordan Hendry for Ben Eager. Or maybe Hjalmarsson for Pavelski? Okay, that one's a stretch but it's interesting to think about.

But let's refocus on tonight's game at the American Airlines Center.  Dallas has been trending downward lately using a couple injuries as their excuse.  There's also added pressure from San Jose and LA as they begin to elevate their play as we push towards the postseason.

If Turco can keep his composure against his former club while Toews and Kane continue to produce I like the Hawks chances in this one.  Kane always seems to find twine vs the Stars so I'm looking for him to conitnue his little goal streak tonight.

I'll say 5-2 Hawks in this one, 2 from Frolik, Kane, Bolland, and Campbell with the rest. Followed by a 3-0 victory over phoenix tomorrow. Enjoy the action!



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bogiedoc said:

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The Hawks got BLASTED tonight. They were fortunate to get a point after again blowing a 3rd period lead. That would have been the 21 time of being tied or ahead in the 3rd period and get no points. Turco saved a point after that bad 1st goal. Frolik is no Ladd. He is another skilled Euro player. The Hawks 2nd line center problem is still gapping and their physical softness will keep them out of the playoffs. They can not sustain 2 months of playoff type hockey just to get an 8th seed. 2 points tomorrow is a must but I don't how they do it after the beating they took tonight.

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