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Hawks get burnt by Flames...

Man these are getting painful to write. Hawks lose at the hands of a red hot Flames team tonight(no pun intended) by a score of 3-1. As former Hawks 4th liner Rene Bourque buried the empty netter with seconds left I found myself wondering why I hadn't spent the previous 2 hours watching the Bulls. I guess my initial reaction is to blame the power play.  Calgary had at least 3 quality scoring chances while shorthanded. And why was Hossa was moved off the top unit? I can't say I believe it would have made things any different but it seems odd to tinker with what was recently the best powerplay in the NHL. 

One thing I know for sure is that prior to tonight I've never seen a player take a penalty for mouthing off to the referee.  Just add it to the list of Brent Seabrook's misfortunes lately.  The holding call in Vancouver was garbage and so was the no call when he was hooked/slashed/cross checked/interfered with/ whatever you want to call it late in tonight's game.  Then he takes an unsportsmanlike conduct call to all but seal the 2 points for Calgary.  It's too bad because he's been playing well of late; he had a great diving poke check tonight to prevent a possible breakaway for the Flames.  I hate when referees ruin games with calls like that.  Yea Seabrook should have shut his mouth and kept playing hard.  But for the ref to put him in the box and leave the Hawks down a man for the last 2 minutes is ignorant.

I guess I should stop and say something positive before I continue to rant and rave over another deflating loss so here it comes.  I thought Brian Campbell played well tonight. That's the only nice thing I think I have to say.

The thing that bothers me about the Hawks lately is the lack of creativity.  Patrick Kane is driving me crazy. I make John Scott look like an Olympic figure skater but I'm pretty sure I could play effective defense against Patrick Kane. He does the same thing every time.  If he doesn't turn the puck over, which he does quite a bit of, he skates down the wall and stops at the half boards. Then when he can't find a trailer he just throws it down low. Then he either loses the puck during the cycle or he skates it across the top and saucer passes it to a d-man. What kind of playmaking is that?

Maybe the 3rd and 4th line should watch video of Kane because that's how they should be playing.  I don't get how I have to watch Bickell and Stalberg dangle across the blue line while Kane and Sharp constantly dump it in.  And yea Kane scored the only goal tonight but it was a result of Toews' hard work more so than his effort.

And the powerplay is just as boring.  Point man dumps, forwards cycle it back up top, point man gives it to Kane on the half boards. Kane stands there, passes down low to Toews, Toews tries to force a pass through 12 legs and 6 sticks to Sharp who is breaking down weak side. It doesn't get through, PK clears the puck. It's agonizing to watch. What happened to Kane winding up and ripping clappers from the circle? What happened to Toews de-water bottling the net from down low? Hell, what happened to getting shots from the point that make it on net?

Where's the creativity? I understand the leash has to be short in a tight Western Conference but let the stars create.  What good is having 4 all star caliber forwards when they've all been turned into grinders?

It's time for some serious changes or the Hawks will be watching the first round of the playoffs from home.  I think Kane-Toews-Stalberg, Hossa-Bolland-Sharp have to be the top 2 lines.  I'm so sick of watching Kopecky as a top 6 forward I could puke. Put Brouwer-Dowell-Bickell on a line and tell them their job is to hit and fight and grind like there's no tomorrow.  Then have Skille-Kopecky-Pisani suit up and sit on the bench and watch the game.

Then maybe the Hawks can begin to turn this around.  Until then I'll be here ranting and raving after these disheartening losses. 



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OneTeam said:

user-pic was the officiating. (roll eyes) This is becoming a common theme among Hawk fans. For all of the years us Wings fans have been dogged for saying as much, I must sit back and laugh as it "all of a sudden" is as upsetting to the Hawks! Hmmmmmm.....I was always told by you guys that complaining about the refs was just an excuse for losing. Im sure that doesnt apply here though, right?

OneTeam said:


Oh sorry everyone, I didn't mean to sound like a gigantic asshole. But that's what I am at heart, so I guess I can't help myself.

OneTeam said:


This makes me laugh even more! HAHA!

VegasHawksFan said:


And the crickets go.......




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