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Finally a victory!  Ever since witnessing their pathetic effort in St. Louis I have been down on the Hawks.  It's been tough enough to watch games let alone write about them.  It's been quite a while since I posted so I'm going to keep it simple.

Hopefully last night marked the beginnning of a huge streak.  Not a win streak, not a scoring streak, not a losing streak, but rather a 40 game consistency streak from our superstars.

It was unbelievably enjoyable to see Kane, Toews, Hossa, and Sharp all have decent nights.  At the beginning of the season it was all Hossa and Sharp, then Toews added in for a bit, then Sharp again.  And as far as I'm concerned Patrick Kane has been missing in action all season.

But last night in LA was different. Hossa scored, Sharp scored, Toews scored, Kane played a major role in multiple goals.  There was no one to dog on.  Behind their horses the Hawks knocked off a Kings team that Versus made out to be invincible at the Staples Center.

It's amazing how seeing the stars rolling makes other probelms go unnoticed.  Except for Brent Seabrook's.  Seaby seems to be in another one of those 5 game funks where he is a turnover machine.  The Hawks neutral zone play in the 1st period was also pretty sloppy but 2 points erases all of those memories.

It's hard to write because there's no underlying story to the Hawks season.  It's been a new story every night. Not much has carried over from game to game.  But hopefully that will change beginning with last night.  Consistency from the stars is the only thing that can salvage this Hawks season.



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SDSTAN said:

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What they need is about a seven game point streak and that will get them back solidly in the playoff picture. Also please ship Boynton and Skille out of here. Boynton is a slow, turnover machine and Skille while putting forth a pretty good effort, has no clue how to set up his team mates or finish himself. Let's get Morin back up here and Leddy and see what they can do.

OneTeam said:


Screeeeeetch! That would be the sound of the Hawks scrapping the bottem of the Western conference....

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