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Soapy Mouth

Soapy Mouth was created through conversation, friendship and laughter between Los Angeles and San Diego. With the help of our husbands, we created the concept of collaborating babies' attire with adult baby talk.

We're not talking about the "da-da"s and "up-up"s we all have heard repeatedly but what a little one really would say if he could! We also believed that if a nine-month-old could speak she would say "hey mom, can you take this fru-fru bunny jumper off of me and style me out?"

So of course dressing our kids in the coolest attire was of utmost importance. We took a chance, stretching the limits of "adult talk" tattooed on newborn clothing and the uniqueness of our creations has been overwhelmingly welcomed! We hope our clothing line brings a smile to your face.

A percentage of our sales will go to ZOE Children's Home. ZOE Children's Home is an international organization that rescues children who are sold, or at risk of being sold into prostitution, slavery, orphaned, or at risk of becoming victims of other heinous crimes and abuse.

Kerrie McDowell & Shannon Wilkins

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