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Um, the Twins win

  I have received much grief over the course of this year's blogs by touting the Twins organization.  I have also received much grief over my "told you so" tone at times.
  But.....what can I comment on here?  I don't care that the division is down, the Twins won it.  They lost their MVP and proceeded to put together a run of 17-4 without him.  Detroit's superstuds hit homers last night, and the Twins played defense, ran the bases better and their powerful .190 hitter won the ballgame.

   I think they're gonna get their butts handed to them against the Yankees, but I have to tip my cap to the one organization who truly gets it.



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Noneck said:

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I have always agreed that the Twin have a great organization and is the one that the Sox should emulate. But even if they lost last night it would have still been another great year for them.

palehoze said:

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There's no team I take more joy in seeing the Sox beat than the Twins, but that's because I respect them. Once the Twins are in I hope they win the Series. Everyone praises Gardenhier, which is deserved, but I think the most credit should go to their minor league system which continuously feeds the major league team players with baseball knowledge and good fundamentals. If they could compete with the big market teams on payroll it'd be scary.

Rick S said:

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Agreed, Twins know how to play baseball. Sox play these guys 18 times a year. Our manager claims to love the way they play. And yet, we have the worst fielding and worst situational hitting team in baseball. The Sox are painful to watch, even for the most devout fan and need to start thinking glove first, bat second.

Jimmymac120912 said:


I am so sick and tired of hearing how the twins "get it." How many World Series has the twins been too with Ron Gardenhire? You can claim that twins have had the best 3, 4 hitters in baseball for the last three years. In fact how about when they choked to Frank Thomas and A's with Santana and Lirano as their 1, 2 punch. Those two were the two best pitchers in baseball that year. If my favorite team is going to make the playoffs on a consistent basis. (which the twins have been doing since 2002) Then I want some productivity in the post season.

whitesoxrock1977 said:


I'm possibly one of those that have given you grief about your Twins touts... I still contend that the Twins are winning by default. Once again the AL Central was up for grabs because there just wasn't any really good team in the division. The Twins had a very easy Sept schedule. They fell into the playoffs and couldn't even pull off one win. The Sox at least got one last year.

I don't disagree the Twins generally play solid fundamental baseball. But I still don't think they've done much of anything under Gardenhire. It's been 18 years now since they've won anything.

If anything, I'd like to see the White Sox emulate the Red Sox or Yankees! Those are the only two teams that have won more than 1 WS in the last 10 years. And both teams also seem to make the playoffs every year.

Jack, I think it's going to be very interesting, and possibly very telling next year when the Twins no longer have the Metrodome to fall back on. If they still appear as solid...I'll be eating my words.

chris said:

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I'm so sick of hearing how the Twins "play baseball the right way." By the right way, do you mean doing well in the AL Central, and then blowing it in the playoffs? In the past 10 years, the Twins have won the Central 5 times. 4 of those times they did not make it past the ALDS (2 of which were sweeps, and the other 2 they only won 1 game). This year against the AL East they were 10-22. They couldn't even win against the Yankees ONCE. Even the White Sox won 3 games out of 7! If you want a team who only does well against their own division, they okay, praise the Twins. But I'd rather take the White Sox, who within the last 10 years have 3 AL Central titles, 1 AL Division title, and 1 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP, any day. So if the White Sox want to be more "Twins like," (like I've heard) then we're in trouble.

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