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Playoff winners do so with dominance

  First round here and gone in a jiffy.  Not a whole lot of drama to go around.
 I was asked by the Sporting News to pick the winners and in how many games prior to the first round matchups.  I chose a Yankees sweep which turned out correct.  I took the Dodgers and Angels in four. Close but the sweep bug took over.  lastly I chose the Rockies over the Phils in 5 which turned out to be wrong!  The bottom line is that the winners dominated and moved on like the first round shouldn't be there!

   The Yankees proved to be too deep.  They have too many weapons and they are playing as relaxed as they could be.  it will take an amazing series by any team who hopes to beat them this season.  Their depth and swagger seems to be clicking right now.  That being said, I'll take the Angels in 6!  I just like the Angels too much.  They're the Twins with more talent.

   Dodgers and Phillies.  Two extremely solid teams that can be great at times.  The thing that gets lost with all the Phillies power numbers is the fact that they catch the ball extremely well.  The Dodgers are a bit more challenged in their rotation but the offense is clicking, even without Manny dominance.  I'll take the Dodgers in 5.  Freeway Series, ESPN shuts down.



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lesnessman said:


spoken like a true california homer.
i pick the yankees in 7 (although it will kill me to watch that goof swisher for 7 games) and the dodgers in 5 (cole hammels gets torched twice).

Jack McDowell said:


If I was a California homer I'd be pulling for Hamels (San Diego) and Utley (Long Beach, UCLA)! Also, my former Stanford teammate, Ruben Amaro is the Phillies GM!

lesnessman said:


What is your thought on the use of stud pitchers on 3 days rest during the playoffs?
On a side note, I hope you blog about the upcoming LCS games.

Jack McDowell said:


I would use them on three days rest every time I could. ll of the teams that reach this point in the postseason have stellar starters. let them get out there and do it! I'd also try to return to a four man rotation all year if I had a say

Noneck said:

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I would like to carry the 4 man rotation one step further. Add nice incentives to the starters contracts. Wins and innings pitched> Maybe we would see some 25+ game winners and maybe just maybe someone that pitches 300 innings.

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