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Peavy and White Sox win differently

  The Chicago White Sox beat the Tigers Friday in the type of game the Sox aren't accustomed to seeing this year.
  The Sox have had a handful of dominant pitching performances this season and Jake Peavy's second start for the White Sox last night was another.  But it definitely was not vintage White Sox baseball.

   The White Sox managed to win a tight game with pitching and defense which all but disappeared this season. What did remain the same was the Sox struggles against rookie pitchers.  This time it was September call-up Eddie Bonine who all but dismantled the White Sox lineup.

   The other difference in the Sox win was that they were able to actually win a close game!  It seems that close games have mostly fallen into the loss column this season.

  Peavy's start may have showed the Sox fans and players what a number one pitcher looks like.  Number ones win all of the 10 run support games while also managing to squeak out the 2-0 ones here and there.  Over the course of the season those performances place you at the top of the heap.

   This type of performance by Peavy is the first step to raising the Sox' expectations as a team on the days Jake pitches.  They need a guy that can raise the team's expectations on his start day.



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Brian said:


Kind of like when Ole number 29 took the knew the chances were better than not that the Sox would win...I knew it as a fan and I'm willing to bet the players knew it too...

Noneck said:

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Peavy sure did look like a #1. But still needed, well maybe not needed but had 3 relievers come in. That's a very dangerous situation to be these days.

Jack, what do you think of the current Sox relief staff? Will we see Jenks again in a Sox uniform? Is Linebrink done? Do you think Thornton is next years closer? Do you see anyone that the Sox currently have or someone you would like for them to get to help the bullpen?

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