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Chicago White Sox 2010 needs

  As we've gone along in this blog, everyone who had commented has had ideas about exactly what the Sox need to add, subtract or do to become the top dog again. And to everyone who idolizes Kenny Williams and will support and protect his every move, relax.  We are just speculating and about our individual ideas.  So here goes...
   The reason I'm writing this specific blog is because almost to a person, our blog has been extremely excited about next year's starting rotation.  I have to agree that it looks very promising adding Jake Peavy to hopefully assume the number one role while Mark Buerhle moves back to a #2 slot.  But I still think that the Sox should add another top notch starter.

  Yeah yeah, you can never have enough pitching blah blah blah.  But in reality, the top teams seem to have FAR more pitching than the have-nots.  And they have far more options than a solid top four arms.

   The Yankees have had the option of flip flopping Phillip Hughes and Joba Chamberlain from the pen to the rotation with both having success and at times domination.  They added Sabbathia and Burnett...oh yeah and Pettitte to follow back to back 19 game winner Chien-Ming Wang.  Yeah I know Wang has been hurt, but that's the point!

   The Red Sox have super studs Josh Beckett and John Lester.  They started with Matsuzaka, Brad Penny and Wakefield.  They could afford early to have Clay Buchholz in AAA to see how things panned out.  Do you think Buchholz would make the Sox rotation?  I do.  And the fact that he was in AAA until Matsuzaka and Wakefield were hurt and Penny whined his way back to the National League shows the depth of their rotation.

   Even the Tigers have been somehow able to deal with the loss of Jeremy Bonderman, Dontrelle Willis (where's the National League) and have Nate Robertson demoted to the bullpen this year.  Part of that is finding Rick Porcello who looks to end up with 15 wins in his rookie season, albeit not very dominant or overly impressive along the way.  Do the Sox have a young pitcher to fill that void if/when there are injuries?

  Now let's go Phillies. Cole Hamels struggles most of the year, Jamie Moyer is solid but at best a #4 or #5. But J.A. Happ steps up to throw incredible ball all year.  They were also able to stick Joe Blanton in there and he's having a solid season. This was all after Brett Myers went down for the season.  This doesn't seem particularly strong compared to the Sox but now with Cliff Lee and Pedro Martinez, there are plenty of arms to go around...and be ready for the inevitable injury.

   The bottom line is that injuries happen.  Sure if the Sox top four stay healthy all year and meet everyone's expectations, they will have a shot. But depth is where it's at these days.  To contend and be a true post season threat, you need options to fill in for studs!  The Sox need to add another stud arm besides Peavy to solidify a legitimate shot at kicking ass. And not just another four or five guy.  A stud that has postseason type stuff.




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Brian said:


Slightly off subject but here's Williams quote on the Thome trade..

On why he waited so long to give his explanation to fans, via the media:

"Actually, I wanted to see the reaction of my players. I wanted to see who would step up as leaders and tell their teammates, tell the public that if not for our recent play, then we don't put management in position to do these things."

So he admits if he hadn't brought in Rios and his buck twenty average, he wouldn't have to have traded Jimmy...though all those errors Thome made and all the inherited base runners Jimmy let score, there was no way the Sox could afford to keep a guy like Thome around...

Rick S said:

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I've pretty much done this already but to summarize:

Move Beckham to SS. Ramirez becomes back-up 2B,SS and CF. If he doesn't like it, trade him.

Pick up a quality 3rd basemen to shore up worst defense in baseball. I like Betre's Golden Glove, but he's Boras' so that's a pipe. More like Figgins, who Kenny's loved from afar for a long time.

Let Dye go and use the money to pick up a REAL CF, a la a Coco Crisp. I know he's hurt now, but I don't think it's too serious.

Try to keep Pods, but make it clear he will be a spot starter who will be DH'ing for lots of his ABs.

Get a real 5th starter. Not a headliner but someone we can count on to hover around .500. Can't agree with you more here Jack. Having Torres, Hudson and Garcia in the minors in case of injury is the back-up plan. If we hear that these three are going to compete for the 5-spot, we're in trouble.

Retool the awful bullpen and start by exiting Dotel, Williams, Linebrink and Pena. This is going to be tough. We tried paying for blue-chip relief free-agents before and it got us Dotel and Linebrink.

Don't want to see Nix starting anymore. Decent back-up but his fielding sucks. Rather have a vet in this role.

Konerko, Pods, Quentin and others rotate at DH -- a plan they've already adopted with Big Jim gone.

Luzinskisbeard said:


Here's a list of some of the available free agent (some have options) starting pitchers for 2010: Brandon Backe, Miguel Batista , Josh Beckett , Erik Bedard, Daniel Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Jose Contreras, Doug Davis, Justin Duchscherer Adam Eaton, Kelvim Escobar, Jon Garland, Tom Glavine, Mike Hampton, Rich Harden , Tim Hudson , Randy Johnson , John Lackey , Cliff Lee , Braden Looper , Jason Marquis , Kevin Millwood , Brett Myers , Vicente Padilla , Carl Pavano , Brad Penny, Andy Pettitte , Joel Pineiro, Sidney Ponson , Jason Schmidt , John Smoltz
Jarrod Washburn , Brandon Webb , Todd Wellemeyer.

After reading that list, my question is, are any of those guys clearly WAY better than Freddy Garcia right now? Some of them are obvious yes's, but not a lot of them.

sthsideaussie said:

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Whats the knock on Hudson & Torres. These guys have been pretty good at AAA. How long do you want them to wait before they get their chance. Not many of the names mentioned as free agents inspire me as most have baggage or will cost a ton. We gave Danks and Floyd a shot and look what they have gone on to achieve. As for the line up we still have a problem with a lack of speed in the middle of the lineup. Dye or Paulie are in question. I would like to see a good left handed bat and Adrian Gonvalez from SD Padres would look good at 1st base. The bullpen needs to be rejigged and it will be interesting to see who is available. SS is a worry but not sure how to tackle this one but the cuban is on notice.

Rick S said:

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I think Danks and Floyd were exceptions to the rule. Besides, they got the crap knocked out of them in their first season. Seems like we have a legit shot at the AL Central. That's no time to slot in a rookie. Still, with injuries, there's no doubt Torres or Hudson will get a shot at some point and clearly they deserve it.

Rick S said:

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I know it's not fair Southside, but you still like Torres? One good start for a career and you want to slot this guy into your starting rotation. What he did tonight against the A's is why he's a lifer AAA.

UGODOG said:


Never draft and injured player never trade for a starting pitcher with a bad pitching arm... Reinsdorf will eventually blow his stack at KW when when JR gets it through his thick head that KW is an idiot GM....RIOS A JOKE.. PEAVY will end up with arm surgery

KW better kiss Jerry @ss in 2010...AN Ozzie ( I never seen a latin player I will not give 10,000 chances to) needs to start managing the game and not worry about how many hispanics he can start...

webegeek said:

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I would like to see Torres and Hudson get a shot. Why not use a 6 man rotation? Pitchers can go longer and if one goes down you still have a 5 man rotation? I think Rios is a good catch, but he's got some bad habits in the batters box that need to be fixed, if he will listen. I think Kotsay was a great trade. I don't know what to do with Ramirez, I'd also like to see Beckham moved back to short, sign Figgins to play third, send Ramirez to the instructional league to play right field, and sign iPoz to DH. I'd love to see figgins, podz, Rios, Getz and Beckham running with abandon on the bases.

Brian said:


UGODOG won't be posting again until Tuesday cos he'll be at a Klan rally this Labor Day

BDSCPA68 said:


Amen to that brother! No place for that kind of talk in this forum. Maybe he can find a White Power forum for that crap!

Rick S said:

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Ditto, this cracker's a real piece of work -- he ought to be blocked from posting.

Alligator Derski said:


Who wouldn't want to have a completely ridiculous rotation with five guys with playoff caliber stuff? The reality is that it's pretty difficult to sign a proven stud pitcher with the salaries Kenny is already paying out. The fifth starter needs to come out of nowhere...either a "washed up veteran" who has a comeback on the Southside or a no-name player who blossoms into a stud.

sthsideaussie said:

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Colon can be had fairly cheaply, is that the sort of guy you want? The washed up veteran is risky business as is a no name. I think we should try to stay in system and go with the home grown kids. We took a lot of risks at the start of this season and too many did not work. Next year will be interesting, the team has a lot of set pieces and the trick will be to fill in the blanks without too much cost. Looks like Dye will be gone given his performance since ASBreak. That means we need a LHed hitting OF who can run, play all the OF positions. We need as much pitching as we can muster and the bullpen in particular will be a key. The frustrating part of this season is that we can see a lot of the pieces for a good team are there. We played good ball just prior to the ASB which occurred at just the wrong time. The perfecto was potentially the watershed game, unfortunately after that game it all went pear shaped. Don't know if the team felt that all they had to do was show up after that but as pros you would think they were more aware than that. What ever happens from here out I am sure KW will be up to plenty.

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