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Strasburg signs, Nationals win World Series

  Okay, not so fast.  One pitcher can not come close to "saving" an organization as they are proclaiming the signing of Stephen Strasburg will do for the Nationals.
   I'm pumped for the kid.  I'm glad he got signed rather than getting screwed by Boras and having to play independent ball next year.  But even if he steps right in and becomes the best pitcher in baseball next year, the Nationals will remain in last place.

   If that wasn't true, the Kansas City Royals would win the title this year based on the performance of Zach Greinke.  Let's put it this way, if Strasburg went 30-0 next year, the Nationals would still be far under .500 for the year.

  The Nationals have an organization that is in disarray and will take years to fix.  The best they can hope for is to trade Strasburg in his 5th big league year to possibly add some young talent.  But they better fix their minor league system before that can be meaningful.



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part-time pariah said:


rizzo has made some pretty good moves, but yea, the nationals will be irrelevant for years.

J said:

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He'll find out how effective his fastball is when he leaves it in the middle of the plate. He's never faced ANYONE CLOSE to the caliber of MLB players. His college division was weak.

If he had been in the PAC-10 or any other D1 school for that matter he would be just another possible MLB pitcher instead of the hyped up stud Boras made him out to be. His curveball/slider is alright but he lacks an effective changeup.

Good luck kid, I'm pulling for you.
J-bird out!

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