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Na Na Hey Hey White Sox?

  As we all keep waiting for something to spark this years squad beyond .500, it appears that it may be a wasted September.
  Peavy Schmeavy. Even if Jake were to run the table when he finally comes back (I told you it'd take longer than y'all thought), the Sox will be hard pressed to keep pace.  Having dropped behind Minnesota to third place, you can literally add two more games to the 4+ they are already out of the division lead.

  That's how the reality of the races are.  Being 5 games out of first place while residing in second place is bad enough.  But when there is a team in between, you have to hope for two separate losses to gain ground in the standings.

   I always tout the Twins organization.  While everyone focuses on the big names of the Yankees, Red Sox, etc and the unique approaches of the A's and those who believe in all that statistical nonsense, I laugh to myself as the twins always find themselves in the hunt in the end.

   The Twins organization teaches it's ballplayers HOW to play the game.  The Twins will not have seen the defensive woes of the White Sox. Nor have they seen the lack of execution offensively, because they are taught how to get things done.  They are taught to be team players rather than worrying about personal stats.  And they don't take plays off let alone games!  If you don't buy into that philosophy, you are gone. 

  It's simple actually.  Teach baseball at its core in the lower minor league.  You weed out the half asses down there and go forward with gamers only.  How tough can that actually be?  This is a business guys, make a simple business plan!  No more missed cuts, missed bunts, not getting guys over, not getting guys in from third with less than two outs.  The basics!

  Don't be surprised if the Twins eventually overtake the Tigers and see postseason time again this year.  But be very surprised if the White Sox sneak in there.




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Noneck said:

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Yes Jack, The Twins are going for it and will give the Tigers a run. You see they picked up Rauch and Mahay for the pen and are working on getting Hardin. A little more pitching NEVER hurts with a solid defensive club.

UGODOG said:


MOST OVERATED GM AND MANAGER IN THE AL...! When are Wsox fans gong to realize that KW and OG are still living off 2005!!

Hey Ozzie and Kenny I saw some Hispanics standing on the corner of 35 th and Shields why don't you make them starters..OH! I heard Juan Pizzarro and Vicente Romo are available start them Sunday and Monday..

chisoxt said:

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He is also digging the White Sox a huge financial hole with the risky acquisitions of Linebrink, Peavy and Rios.

part-time pariah said:


wow, racist much?

RichN said:

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Anyone else see the parallel between Williams and Obama? A couple of over-rated slick talking dudes that have used smoke and mirrors and have gotten little results. Take away the fluke 2005 season, the Sox are a .500 team with an equally average farm system with which to build the future. Yet Williams keep talking about the goal every year is to play in the World Series. Isn't that everybody's goal? Maybe Williams should take advantage of the "cash for clunkers" offer and dump some of his under-performing stiffs.

Michael D said:

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Sorry Rich, your analogy sucks is a game..go back to the northside!

Rick S said:

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I threw in the towel on the season Tuesday but can't help but keep checking in on the games. Last night was another loss due to fundamentals. Castro can't score on a single on a 3-2 count from second and then he grounds out to Rodriguez with one out. Then you have Williams (who's this retread?) giving up the game after getting the first two outs.

But you have to look to Ozzie on some of this. When the Sox got Castro, he had about 10 at-bats in the first month. The guy always appears rusty and disinterested. Is Ozzie afraid to sit The Great AJ? AJ has a nice average but look at his RBIS.
AJ chokes with guys on and has nothing but his free-swinging, 0-2 count approach to take to the plate. As for Williams, after the two walks, shouldn't Ozzie have pulled the guy? I mean, this is some bum retread who tossed a total of 9.1 innings this year. There is a reason why this guy's career's been on the rocks since it started.

But to your comments Jack, what about Ozzie ball? Clearly that's a myth. Ozzie doesn't play that game and wouldn't dare tell his big bats to lay down a bunt. Not that they could.

So my question is, can these fundamentals really be taught? If so, I'd like to see the Sox cancel their Spring Training schedule next year and just work on bunts, baserunning, hit and run, etc. In other words, teach these guys how to play baseball.

As for KW, I think he recoginzes the team's problems and tries to address them. Unfortunately, things don't always work out, i.e. the Dotel/Linebrink pick-ups. I DO wish Kenny would pay more attention to the style of player he's getting. While Rios looks to be a solid outfielder, his plate discipline is lacking, he strikes out too much and he seems to have no skill for situational hitting. In other words, he'll fit in fine with these losers.

webegeek said:

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yep, time for the fat lady to belt out the song.

Also noted Joe Crede is talking about retiring. Thank you Scott Boros. Having him as an agent cost Crede a long term contract two years ago and now he will have to retire. Hope he socked his money away. Hate to see him in the poor house 20 years from now when he could of been set for life except his agent kept promising the big payday as a free agent that never came.

Orestes said:

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Management has to be accountable for this absence of basic baseball execution we've seen this season...either in not teaching these fundamentals to win games, or getting players that don't have or know these skills. Other teams have these players who can they are out there, or can be taught.

Stick a fork.....

chicagoman said:


Some folks here just love to write junk. Think back to the moves KW has made. Any bumpkin can always pick out the ones that didn't work out......a year later.
I'll put some blame on Ozzie for lack of fundamentals or lack of. But my gosh, the little league teams this past week played better than we do. Didn't anyone teach these guys growing up? I yell at games when I see guys out of position. That's coaching and that goes to Ozzie's picks for his staff.

Jack McDowell said:


Wrong. Fundamentals don't get taught in the Major Leagues. They are taught growing up and in the minor leagues. There are far too many things to focus on once the season starts. This is an organizational and evaluation lapse, and possibly a philosophical difference. There just is NO TIME to cover cutoffs, positioning, bunting, team play once the MLB season starts.

chisoxt said:

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I laugh every time someone implies that hindsight is 20-20 or something of the like when it comes to evaluating Williams. A lot of the Kenny deals that I hated I noted from day one, and not after the fact. As far as good moves are concerned, Williams at times forgets that the moves that brought him success (like a world series) were not the big over the top press conference deals for veterans but moves that involved signing inexpensive free agents (Aj, Dye, Iguchi, Jenks or trades for much younger players (Thorton, Danks, Floyd and Quentin)where not much is given up in return.

J said:

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Gotta love Thome and Garland going to the Dodgers tonight.

sandmac said:

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Twins, Twins, Twins,...they NEVER win when it counts. They have ONE playoff series win under Gardenhire.

whitesoxrock1977 said:


With all due respect Jack, what have the Twins done any time recently? With as much as everyone boasts about their system, they haven't made a World Series appearance in 18 years. I think Gardenhire is a good manager, but I'm not sure there's much relevance in winning the AL Central (the Sox won last year... do you think they would have won any other division?). There just hasn't been any perennial contenders in the division since the Indians of the 90's. So what has the Twins organization really done? They've won the division a handful of times only to get pummeled out of the playoffs 3 of the 4 times they've made an appearance in the past 18 years. They contend in the end, year after year, because the rest of the teams in the division fall apart.

Jack McDowell said:


They contend with fundamental baseball which was the point I was making. They don't always have the studs but they keep bringing up players who can play the game. that is in great contrast to the White Sox this year. We're talking small market success which is getting there and at least having a shot to win. Everybody sucks up to the A's like they've done such a great job because they toot their own horn about their statistical wizardry, yet they don't contend nearly as much as the Twins and they've actually had far more talent to do just that. The Twins have done more than the White Sox!

whitesoxrock1977 said:


I don't disagree with you about their stronghold on baseball fundamentals. But seriously, do you think the Twins would contend in the AL East?
And how much of the Twins apparent superiority is just a result of them knowing how to execute on turf better than other teams (particularly the Sox)?

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