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John Hughes & Chicago

  I just had to comment that I can't truly find a John Hughes "stinker" in his history. He was a complete stud who captured every moment and scenario he wrote about.  The closest I came to   his glory was sharing an apartment building with Ally Sheedy in 1990 in Chicago.  And I still love Captain Crunch and Pixie Stick sandwiches. Goodbye to a complete star.



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Sleepywilly said:

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Curly Sue wasn't very successful, never actually watched it so i can't comment on the movie itself. Everything else was Gold. RIP John

MicSox said:


I had the pleasure of meeting John Hughes in Santa Monica when I was attending The Art Institute of Los Angeles—Santa Monica. Each month they had a guest speaker come in and talk about the business; directing, filming, animation, and so on...

Naturally I signed up since I was a product of the 80's just decided to attend college at a later age to "get that degree".

I recently just finished reading Chevy Chase's "I'm Chevy Chase, and your not" and to much of my suprise; Chevy was quoted saying that he helped in re-writing a lot of the script; since he and Harold Ramis saw the strengths but also the script "had problems".

John was always fascinated with adolescent sex—puberty and awakening desire...(Russ from Vacation, saying to his cousin, "how do you use a magazine")haha..anyway, John wrote the scripts as Russ' fantasy's of a 13yr old girl always popping up where ever they were at, almost stalking Russ.

Chevy and Harold re-wrote the script for the Vacations series, to an adult frustrated in his life/marriage dealing with hard times, until this beautiful woman would appear and make him forget all his problems...and hence....Christie Brinkley...Just FYI if anyone cares, this book is amazing by the way, who knew that Chevy Chase and Bill Murray were mortal enemy's, and he never mentions whether or not they have resolved their issues.

J said:

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Agreed. Great director, writer, producer and yes, cameo actor. He would often put himself in his films in small cameo's ala Alfred Hitchcock. If you didn't know what he looked like you'd miss him. Now let me leave you with a scene from one of his best pieces of work, "Plains, Trains & Automobiles".

DEL: You play with your balls a lot.
NEAL: I do NOT play with my balls.
DEL: Larry Bird doesn't do as much ball-handling in one night as you do in an hour!
NEAL: Are you trying to start a fight?!!
DEL: No. I'm simply stating a fact, that's all. You fidget with your nuts a lot.
NEAL: You know what would make me happy?
DEL: Another couple of balls and an extra set of fingers?

Annnnddd, scene.

R.I.P. Mr. Hughes.

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