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Chicago White Sox' Ozzie Guillen quotes former manager Jeff Torborg

   I loved seeing Ozzie Guillen's comments about his guys getting hit by pitches this year.  I had a smile filled flashback to the very first spring training I was in with Jeff Torborg as our manager. 
  I don't remember much of the pre-season speech other than the one line that Ozzie quoted today.  "If they hit one of our players, we hit TWO of theirs!"  It was a point well taken and stuck in this former pitchers head.

  Remember, this was former catcher Jeff Torborg who made his mark catching the likes of Don Drysdale back in the day! Ozzie was a player under Torborg with me and also served as a coach under Torborg with both the Expos and the Marlins.

   As we all learn from all those we encounter, I'm glad that this lesson stayed with Ozzie.  Bob Watson and his ridiculous suspension happy office can suck on the old school for a while!  Hell it seems Bob forgot where he came from the minute he took the job.  Let the players poilice themselves!



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Brian said:


Someone needs to bean Watson sitting up there on his Royal Throne...I do love how though when Sox batters get plunked, both Harrelson and Farmio will say with one hundred percent certainty that a player on that team will be going down by the end of the game but it never happens...

lesnessman said:


I agree with Ozzie and Torborg...But did you ever have a manager who took the opposite approach? Did you have any respect for that manager??

grish said:

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To me it's interesting that Ozzie is portrayed sometimes as a raving lunatic when he goes off like this. He's the spokesman for the team sometimes and he was sticking up for his guys. That's his job. He's old school and that was an old school message.

J said:

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A manager is like a father protecting his children, albeit, very wealthy-franchise children. Nonetheless, if your manager doesn't exert some kind of directive to his pitcher to plunk someone on the other team ONLY after your star gets drilled, then dissent sets in and the family will no longer respect the father. Forget baseball for a moment, I'm Sicilian, this is how it worked growing up in my house. Now back to baseball.

Major league pitchers are way to controlled to "accidentally" drill opposing players, especially with a game that counts. I do realize that sometimes the ball does get away, but as a viewer and player I can tell when there's a message with said drilling. Most anyone who's a ardent fan can tell when one gets away versus a; "Hey, get the F off my corners or hey, thanks for taking that last one deep, try this one a-hole or hey, weren't you the tool sliding into 2B that took out my SS"?

Those are but three variables. Having said all that, this is baseball, the best sport on the planet. Plunking someone in retaliation is to be expected and respected. All players, managers and owners know this unwritten rule/code. As long as there's no head shots, suck it up and deal with it. If you're the star player on your team you're a marked man. F you pussies if you can't handle that.

part-time pariah said:


but what about quentin? tcq stands on top of the plate. going inside on his almost always results in getting hit. that's not an opposing pitcher's problem, it's quentin's.

i'd hate to see something happen because he refuses to budge in the box.

not defending hitting tcq, but someone has to play devil's advocate.

J said:

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I agree with that, but if you're a pitcher you need the corners. If he's up with no runners on base, than bring it inside, if he's hit oh well. I'd take a high OBP over a high BA with runners on or otherwise or the possibility of him going yard because the pitcher is nervous. You have to set a precedent.

You cheese somebody up and in with a 95mph fastball enough they'll get the hint. If they don't move off the plate at least you've now set them up for a nasty pitch to chase just on shear nerves. Merely my opinion.

part-time pariah said:


while i agree with ozzie (and just about everything that comes out of his mouth), i can't help but think it's a little irresponsible going public with this. it puts him in a very actionable position, and doesn't prevent his hitters from getting beaned.

sure, it serves as a warning not to mess with us (padilla/grienke, are you listening?), but we'll be retaliating well after being hit FIRST.

it's really a chicken and egg argument. good comparison to the demon though, lol. fuckin' love that guy.

PawsOut said:

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Ozzie threatens to retalliate and MLB is looking into it? He's done nothing wrong! Look at the splits between Sox players plunked vs the opposing team. It's crazy. MLB just targets certain guys because it's good for business. Ozzie is one of them.

Honestly, this concept that it's ok for everyone to retaliate as long as they don't say it is absurd. When guys get plunked in retaliation, everyone knows why. Newsflash to MLB words don't make something wrong, actions do.

part-time pariah said:


it's pretty normal, procedure-wise, to 'investigate'. i'm not sure why that's a shocker.

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