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Quentin in Anderson out

  Carlos Quentin will be active and start tonight in left field for the White Sox.  This is a bit quicker than the Sox had speculated seeing as Ozzie himself Stated that Quentin was not running well in his minor league rehab games.  But, he was hitting the ball well and it looks like the Sox will take their chances.
    Quentin will replace Brian Anderson in the outfield corps as Anderson and his .238 batting average was sent down to AAA.  

  It's obvious that the White Sox are aware that Quentin's health will be a gamble all year as I mentioned in earlier stories.  Plantar fasciitis is a nagging serious condition. The fact that Quentin was not running well should be sign enough.

   The Sox are using this next 18 game stretch from hell as a hopeful maximization of Quentin's bat, hoping he can stay healthy enough to keep them in the hunt.  Their next 18 games look like a playoff preview with Tampa Bay, Detroit, Minnesota, New York and the Angels taking a crack at the southsiders.  We'll see tonight how we begin this new stretch!



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webegeek said:

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great. so in the 8th and 9th inning we can watch SP try to throw a guy out at home from medium center with an arch on the ball that might match Obama's or watch the balls fall in the gaps that Wise can't get to and think, along with whoever is pitching, "damn, BA would have gotten that".

Ozzie has had a bee in his butt over BA for years. Last I checked, his .230 batting average was still above what Wise provides.

But, then, how many world series rings do I have?

Jack McDowell said:


Hey, neither you nor I have any World Series rings but that doesn't mean everything. (I can blame Dr. James Andrews for that.) Anyway, Don't worry about who can throw anyone out. Nobody throws anyone out these days! Worry about the hits vs outs from lack of range. That's what really hurts. We'll see how much that plays into it vs the bat of Quentin.


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Was there anything more frustrating to you than a guy who would keep fouling off pitches until he put it into play? Doesn't it frustrate the bejesus out of you? I have seen a hundred pitchers over the years that didn't have an out pitch but when a pitcher does and the batter frustrates him isn't that an offensive advantage? The toughest man to strike out the history of baseball was Joe Sewell but he played during the war years when the guys with one arm excelled. Tris Speeker was number two but that was before relief pitchers and Black players ( I don't see Tris hitting 330 with Bob Gibson in the league). Number Three is Nelly Fox and all he did was win the White Sox the 59 pendant. Juan Pierre perennially leads the league in the toughest to strike out category. He can't be happy watching the Manny show. There isn't a man more motivated to show his metal to Chicago because of his beer swilling (not him the fans) Cubs tenure. The kicker is Ozzie had him in Florida and still claims to be a small ball manager. Lean on Kenny to pull the trigger will you?

Jack McDowell said:


Guys like that are weapons. Rickey Henderson & Kenny Lofton could beat you by themselves just by battling and running. The Dodgers aren't going to part ways with Pierre this year. Too valuable in the National League to have a guy like that as a 4th outfielder. Maybe next year?!

LeadDog said:


Guys, simple fact is that BA is a .230 hitter. Wise can get hot as he proved last fall (plus I believe he is out of options). Pods, plain & simple, is the reason the Sox still have JD and a few others because w/o him they woulda been sellers (cellars) weeks ago. The next 9 days are titanic..we do well (6-4 or better) we may pick up another piece to the puzzle (read: pitching). We do poorly (4-6, especially against Det) and we sell.
Here's an aside: I no longer freak when Jenks gets into a jam in the 9th. It's so common and he gets out of it 90% of the time. Last night when he loaded 'em up, my son & I just laughed and said "let's see how he gets out of this." BANG! He gone...Sox win. As Alfred E. Neumann said..."what me worry?"

Jack McDowell said:


Bobby Thigpen was a similar type of closer as Jenks. Always seemed to be something going on, but he got the job done. bottom line, Jenks is 22-24. Normal closer numbers. The rest of it are useless stats for the Billy Beanes of the world to ponder. And you'd better hope for more than 6-4. They need to make a move and not just be hangers-on.

eriqjaffe said:


The thing that gets me is the implication that Wise was kept because he was out of options. Of course, he'd need to be DFA'd, and I believe he has said he wouldn't accept a trip down to Charlotte, so the Sox would be forced to let him go. If, after that, Quentin winds up going back on the DL, then the Sox would have to go out and find a replacement for Wise.

Mind you, we're talking about replacing a career .211 hitter with subpar range. Seriously, how hard is that to replace?

I just don't get why they feel the need to keep Wise on the roster when they have guys like Norris Hopper in the minors. Heck, Hopper's career batting average is 64 points higher than Wise's career OBP. I really fail to see what Wise brings to the party. He is the most useless White Sox since Andy Gonzalez.

folky15 said:


Looks like Scotty Pods forgot how to play the outfield. I didn't see the whole game last night, but I did see a couple of balls that he terribly misplayed.

webegeek said:

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wow, a perfect game.

anyone besides me owe Ozzie an apology for keeping Wise and demoting Anderson?

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