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Poreda or Colon for Richard?

Manager Ozzie Guillen calmly states that the White Sox have "no other choice" but to stick with Clayton Richard in the rotation. But in the same breath, Richard's struggles even prompted the young lefthander to almost beg out of the rotation! 

So who's it gonna be, Bartolo Colon or Aaron Poreda?  Poreda has shown success in limited innings out of the bullpen and has better stuff and a better projected future than Richard. Add that to the fact that the Sox snuck the Brandon Allen for Tony Pena deal in on us to possibly take Poreda's bullpen spot and it seems rather obvious.  

My guess is Colon will be an insurance policy if Poreda struggles. And by the double header against the Tigers on July 24th, we'll know which two of the three will remain.  That is...unless the Sox trade Contreras.



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eriqjaffe said:


My guess is that Colon will reclaim the 5th starer job after his rehab assignment. Colon hasn't been particularly good, but he hasn't been quite as brutal as Richard has been lately.

As far as Richard's fate, I'm not sure. I don't see him and Poreda both being in the bullpen, as that would leave the Sox carrying 8 relievers. Poreda has shown more long-term upside, so I'd imagine that he'll get sent back to the minors where he can start and develop his secondary pitches more, and Richard will wind up in a mopup/spot starter role.

Or the Sox will get Halladay. Heh. Right.

MLBfan said:

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The way I see it.....Colon will need a few more quality starts at AAA before becoming the 5th starter. Poreda, I'm not so sure has enough in his arsenal, at this point, to be a regular rotation starter. I see DJ getting a minimal starting role until Colon is ready. Richard goes to the pen.

Jimmymac120912 said:


I do not think the deal for Pena is set up to take Poreda's spot in the bullpen. First, they sent down left hander Jimmy Gobble and left handed hitters are feasting off Pena with a .350 average. Also, if the Sox are looking to deal Poreda (who was involved in the Peavy trade) then why would they take the risk in having him get beat up in a starting role? It is obvious right now that Richard is better suited for a long relief role, in which he has been successful in the past. Furthermore, my concern is how often they have used D.J. Carrasco in long relief appearances, Richard would be perfect in that role to spell some relief for Carrasco. In Conclusion, unless a trade is in the works, Colon is the Sox only option for the fifth starter as we speak.

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