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Colon and Quentin on deck

Okay, let's say Carlos Quentin comes back healthy and productive as ever. Then the Sox have just gotten a big bat at the trading deadline without giving anything up.

Nice addition if it all works out. But anyone feeling sorry for Scott Podsednik's possible decrease in playing time should also stop and have a moment of silence for Juan Pierre, who in a similar situation (timing wise) is taking a back seat to Manny Ramirez despite his .330 average and 23 steals.

It will be interesting to see which of the two managers, Torre or Guillen will make the crowded outfield situation work best for their respective teams.

It will also be interesting to see how long the Sox keep Bartolo Colon in the minor leagues. He is what he is right now and if he's healthy enough to pitch down there, then it seems he's ready to pitch in the bigs.

I would like to see Poreda get a start just to see how things go on that front prior to them making a decision.



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Noneck said:

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The LA situation is a lot different than the Sox situation. Pods should have no problem getting playing time with Anderson and/or Wise as his competitor(s). Pierre's competition is of course Ramirez and with Kemp, that's a big difference.

Jeff from AH said:

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All signs point to Pods shifting to CF with a few days off against lefties when Anderson would rotate into the line-up. The hardship will be what to do with the lead-off spot when Pods is out of the line-up; is Getz / Nix ready to take another shot? As for Colon...if he can't throw a breaking ball I would out right release and give Richard another shot or two than it becomes Poreda's to lose.

Brian said:


Jack -

Scotty Pods smoke and mirror act will not be lasting the rest of the season. He fits nicely into the competition for what is probably the worst offensive CF combination in the majors. I wasn't a big fan of the Pods reunion tour this year, but without him, the team wouldn't be where they are. However, to count on Pods to continue to do what he did for those three weeks in June, when he brought back memories of '05, is not realistic. He is a 4th OF at best, which probably makes him our best option in CF. If Kenny wants to make a trade, look no further than CF. That is our biggest hole on this team.

Do you think this team could go to a four man rotation the rest of the way out with Richard and/or Colon making spot starts along the way for doubleheaders or in times of need? Do the Sox really need to throw either one of them out there for the next two plus months?

Thanks, Brian

Jack McDowell said:


I think the most telling comment was "he's at best a fourth outfielder, which makes him our best option in center" That hurts!

eriqjaffe said:


Pods will play center if/when Quentin comes back. Even at his worst, he's the best bat of the potential candidates.

The only way I see Pods going to the bench would be if there are any truth to (and, obviously, action taken on) the rumors that the Sox are interested in Alex Rios. Anderson would be the primary defensive sub and Wise would wind up being the 5th outfielder / pinch runner.

Again, if there's anything to that Rios story (which there probably isn't), then that all flies out the window - which is a good thing.

Jack McDowell said:


I'm worried about Pods in center defensively. i haven't been thrilled about him in left and it seems like he's protective(as he should be) of his legs and consequently isn't covering the ground we'd hope for or expect. I guess we'll just have to see.

eriqjaffe said:


Yeah, IIRC, back when Ozzie was playing Pods in left and Rob Mackowiak in center, somebody asked him why he didn't flip them, since Pods had played center in Milwaukee, and Ozzie's response was something like, "Yeah, he played center in Milwaukee. And look how terrible Milwaukee was!"

How times have changed.

JimH said:

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I see Wise as the guy who will get dumped and I'm not too broken up about it. Q will probably do a lot of the DH'ing against lefties with Anderson in CF and Ozzie has said he'll take Q out late in games for a defensive replacement. Pods will still bat leadoff and get 95% of the starts in either LF or CF. The outfield defense is a worry, hell the entire defense is worrisome, but this is far from a perfect team. I'd bat Quentin 7th to start behind AJ and in front of Beckham. Q, Beckham, Getz, Pods, Ramirez should make for some interesting baseball as opposed to the station to station ball we see in the middle of lineup.

The better question is Colon. Have to hope he makes a couple more good rehab starts and is ready for 10-12 starts down the stretch.

Rick S said:

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Agreed, Wise is gone. It's really sad to see the guy up there, struggling in his limited opportunities to save his career. But I've never seen anyone get themselves out so efficiently. It seems like he's 0-2 before he even steps in the batter's box. Alas, we already have a good defensive outfielder who can't hit (Anderson).

Quentin and Pods' health is likely going to be an issue going forward. If the Sox can't fill out their rotation with a trade, getting a decent CF would be the ticket. Quentin is a gifted athlete and a smart guy, but is wound too tight. That sort of tension affects your body. He needs some sort of yoga/meditation regimen to get him a little more Zen. I can just see Ozzie making THAT recommendation!

If the 5th spot continues to be an issue, get ready to watch the Tigers or the Twins win the division. Maybe Colon could get us over the hump, but it seems like an irresponsible gamble when the rest of the team looks prime to win.

secondcitysavvy said:

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Except, what seemed to be clear to all of the fans was, of course, not so clear to our wonderful manager as BA was sent down to Triple A today and DeWayne Wise and Pods are now are only 2 options at Center Field. Really, you'd think that by now, Ozzie would have learned that a good defensive CFer is essential in close game situations (a-hem Rob Mackowiak). But yet, Kenny wonders why attendance is down....

webegeek said:

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you know, deep down, I knew BA was going to be the one. Ozzie has had it in for him for years and even though anyone and everyone else can see the benefit of having BA come in the game to roam center in late innings, I just knew Ozzie was going to stiff him.

BA deserves some of the blame, if he'd hit better, it might have made a difference. I hope BA lands somewhere else and gets a chance to show everyone he can do it.

For now, we will just have to watch balls drop in the gaps in the late innings and think "BA would have got to that...."

Rick S said:

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What the team is saying is that with Quentin's health questionable, they needed to make sure they had someone ready to bring up. Wise is out of options, BA has one left. I don't know how much better Anderson is in the field than Wise. Neither can hit. Anderson's certainly had more chances to prove himself over time. The kid's a bit thick between the ears and though he has learned to take pitches a little better this year, you can count the clutch hits he's had on one hand. What this move really says is that the Sox aren't going to try to get outfield help elsewhere. Will they go after a starter? I willing to give a lot for Halladay, but I'd bring in just about anyone to get Richard out of the rotation. The kid has promise, but this isn't the time to learn on the job. Don't want to count on Colon or Freddy either. The Sox complain about attendance and yet they entertain the idea that Garcia can still pitch in a pennant race? Oh well, let's hope Williams has a deal cooking.

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