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Wallow, wallow, wallow

yeah that about covers it.



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Joel said:

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Baseball is a game of streaks and the Sox can't seem to break out. The losses to the Pirates and the Cubs are fine examples. It is tough to watch as a fan and even tougher as a coach. The key is keeping the team lose until they can get hot (and start hitting at home). Fortunately for me, my 9 year old's team just won the country tournament with my kid pitching in 3 games with 0 runs! So, I at least have a distraction until the Sox win win win rather that...wallow wallow wallow.

Any tips for improving pitch speed, Coach? I liked really liked the discussion of the 3rd to 1st move (no lead offs in little league so we'll just have to practice it).

Jack McDowell said:


As far as improving pitching speed for a 9 year old...just wait and see and throw and throw and throw!!!!!

Sleepywilly said:

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How about jack, jack, jack, jack, jack, jack? As in 6 jacks tonight against the Dodgers. Now that its warming up, i'm sure our home hitting woes are just about over.

I wonder if Robin would come help Gordon learn to play third base? I wonder if the Sox would bring you, Black Jack, in as a pick off coach? I'll keep dreaming.

Jack McDowell said:


Now that it's warming up ???? Remember October is cold!

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