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Cubs / Sox round two

  Typical frontrunners.  All those Cubs fans in blogville are very excited that they have claimed a one game lead in my beer/blog off with Julie DiCaro and her League Of Her Own Cubs whinefest / blog! My guess is that mark "grab it and throw it" Buerhle will outduel Ryan "twist my glove seven times to deceive the hitter" Dempster and we'll be tied.  Leave it on the field boys!



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Brian said:


Hey Jack -

I was at Saturday's game and for all of its ugliness, that was a pretty exciting game. The crowd was into it, we only saw three fights, and we couldn't believe the momentum changes in the game. It seemed like every mistake the Sox made the Cubs would capitalize on it. But the Sox kept coming back. I can't believe I am saying this, but where would this team be without Scotty Pods? I thought that signing was a desperate act by the Sox, but that has been a blessing for them.

Then today's game the Cubs didn't even show up. Hard to believe that Zambrano proved Cooper's statements were dead on... Looks like Big Z needs to hang a bit more with Soto to relax.

Go Sox...


Jack McDowell said:


All true, funny thing is, the perfect baseball game will be boring from the stands then say on TV! When you're at the ballpark, action seems to work better and there definitely was action. What statements from Cooper are you referring to? Scotty is kicking butt and nice jab to "stir the pot!"

Brian said:


This is the original blurb on what Cooper said about Zambrano a couple of weeks ago...,0,3672518.story

This is how Big Z responded to it over the weekend, before his start...,0,4657937.story

Yeah, Carlos really did show Cooper his real persona this weekend.

There is nothing like being at a game in person.

Brian said:


BTW, this is why Ozzie is the perfect manager for this team...

He tells it like it is. Not only with the players but obvious truths like this. Of course, if the Sox could feast on National League teams all year, we might have a legitimate shot to win something. When is interleague play going away???

Jack McDowell said:


Interleague play will go away when Bud, "look at what I created" Selig resigns , dies or gets replaced. They should do it once every three years at the most right now.

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