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Every game is a fight!

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

E-mail me here. I will be answering your questions about the Bears and life in the NFL every week on my blog.

What can I say? I am watching the Pacquiao vs. Cotto boxing fight.  (I hope Pacquiao wins) and all I can do is think about this season. 

The product on the field has not been Chicago quality. This season is and has been very frustrating for everyone involved . . . players, coaches and fans. If you can take one and only one positive from this loss it is the fact that this team never gave up.  

Losing to the 49ers was very humbling. We needed that win badly. We all knew that going into the game and we still couldn't pull it out. That hurts.

The margin of error has been erased. We can't lose anymore games. I really don't have much else to write. Rehashing this season is becoming a drain. All of the hard work and hours spent training is spilling away with every loss.  

Time to let this game go and focus on the Philadelphia Eagles. Donovan McNabb is, in my opinion, one of the top three QB's in the NFL. He worries me. He's a warrior, a winner and a great leader.

I have nothing else to say. Just know that the Bears will not stop fighting and playing hard. Keep your fingers crossed and understand this isn't over.  Bear Down!!!

P.S.  Pacquiao won. Can't wait to see him vs. Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather is a different kind of boxer but so is Pac Man. Could be the fight of the decade.



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opfreak said:

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"Just know that the Bears will not stop fighting and playing hard. "

I geuss thats always true... because you cant stop figthing if you never start (like those blow out losses).

sjvl said:


Wale, as a lifelong, diehard Bears fan, I will admit this season is tough on me. I want to believe the planets will align and whatever funk my team is in will pass and the real Bears will step onto the field, putting their talent to use as a unified force.

Want some inspiration for the Eagles game? Use me.

My name is Susan. I am a transplanted Chicagoan now living in Pennsylvania. The only time I sat down during the Steelers game was during halftime, and my entire neighborhood knew a Bears fan lived on their street. It was GREAT.

Steelers fans are ok, for the most part. Eagles fans are another thing alltogether. They are idiots. I went to the Bears/Eagles game in Philly, dressed in my Tillman jersey and orange hat, and literally am amazed I made it back to the car in one piece after my beloved Bears beat them in the last minutes of the game.

I am already taking tons of crap from the 49ers fans I know, but who really cares about the 49ers? If we lose to the Eagles, my life will be hell as a Bears fan for weeks to come.

Sweep Pennsylvania, Wale!! Win and win big. PLEASE!!!

IrishSweetness said:


Great effort from the D against SF ! Well I hope McNabb looks like Rex Grossman on Sunday, and I hope you don't get starcrossed - put him on his ass ! Hit him hard and often. Take his knees out. Punch him. I don't care, just knock him down a lot. They have way too many weapons on offense - turn them into bystanders. Bear Down !!

Amishbear said:


I'm happy that I've just now discovered your blog--it's nice to hear player thoughts and comments without the tainted filter of the media (or without the superficial giddy-grade-school-girl-aspect of Twitter).
I'm a Pennsylvania Bears fan, too--Father is from Chicago, so I grew up with good taste.

Believe it or not, the fans feel the same frustrations, Wale. We may not have invested as much work as you guys, but our EMOTIONAL investment is just as heavy.

A lot of Bears fans are bummed right now, but I think there's still plenty of reason to be optimistic.
Let's start with what's most relevant to you:

The defense looked like its old self last week. You guys were sufficiently inspired (by Vernon Davis, I assume) and it showed.

You've needed that spark. But no more Urlacher on the field, no more Mike Brown, no more Vernon Davis'--that fire and that motivation has to come from somewhere ELSE.

YOU, WAle--it has to come from YOU. You are looked to as the veteran leader, not just on that line, but by the whole defense.
You guys can set the set tone in the Philly game, and for the rest of the season.

All year, it's been a shell game: Defense shows up, offense doesn't. Offense clicks, and defense struggles. It's time to get everyone on that team togther, and unite them in one cause.
Start with the Eagles, on the first snap of the game. And don't let up until the last snap of the last game in Detroit--or maybe in the games after that.

It CAN be done. The talent is defineitly there. Is the will?

Look: the mistakes on offense are correctable: penalties and turnovers (in the red zone). Those things boil down to discipline, which is within your control.

The defense can rise again--and play at a SUSTAINED high level. I know it can. But it takes (veteran) leadership and BELIEF that it can be done.

You know all this already though. Whatever happens, Wale--we're all behind you. Screw the skeptics and bashers and haters and nay-sayers in the media--there's still a lot of fight and heart and talent on this team.
FYI: My 2 and 1/2 year old prays for each of your guys, individually, by name, each night. (Yeah, Dad coached her). All the starters, both sides of the ball, and coaching staff.

Win or lose, she'll continue to do so. :-)

BEAR DOWN, brother. Give 'em hell.

MikeBrownhadaPosse said:


Wale - tear those Iggles a new one tomorrow. We're still here, cheering you guys on. The game against the '9ers is done and over with, but it showed some real progress and results over the prior 3 games. Keep it rolling; good things will come.

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