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3 - 1 going into the bye

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

E-mail me here. I will be answering your questions about the Bears and life in the NFL every week on my blog.
The bye week couldn't come at a better time. We are banged up. These next two weeks are going to be huge for this team. By the time we line up against the Atlanta Falcons we should have most of our guys back. I am looking forward to the rest. I will be headed to NY to see my older sister get married. Not sure how much fun I will have but all my family will be together. That's always a good thing.

Ok...Ok, the Lions game.
I am so frustrated with that game. My frustration lies with the Defense. Offense played amazing once again. Matt Forte and the whole O-line played hard all game. The running game was on point. Special Teams were great also. This J. Knox kid is becoming a player. But no one tell him I said that (he's a rookie).

Defensively, we are taking too long to get going. We have to find a way to start fast. We are ending the games strong but it's the beginnings that give me heart attacks. Peanut did an excellent job in the second half. He took over the duty of guarding Calvin Johnson. And boy, did he step up. Overall, everyone contributed to this game; from Tommie Harris to Garrett Wolfe to Robbie Gould (he hit a career long FG on Sunday) That is the true definition of a team. One more thing . . . Lance Briggs is one of the best linebackers I have ever seen play. The guy is a heat seeking missile.

Anyway, 3-1 isn't a bad way to start the season. We still have a ways to go and things to improve on. During the bye week we will practice then rest. The practices will be a great time for us to focus on us and the things we need to get better at. Till next time . . . BEAR DOWN!!



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sjvl said:


Good to be first!!

Wale, I agree: the bye couldn't have come at a better time. Isn't Peanut amazing? No disrespect, but I am so glad everybody is noticing FINALLY. He brings it all every week, but often is overlooked.

Rest up and get ready for the rest of the season.

ah611 said:

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excellent game, but my MVP is Brad Maynard. Holy crap did he kick a great game.

crown their ass said:


I love that your frustrated at the D and fired up more than ever even after arguably your best start to a season. You are just blazing right around your man and blowing up a lot of plays.
I know its rest and heal time right now, but are any of the guys talking revenge after the Atlanta debacle last year? I know your nickname is Wale, but I call you Matrix because I saw you at a Bulls game a couple years ago in sunglasses and a fur coat and you reminded me of a jacked up Morpheus. I hope you continue your strong play, stay in Chicago, and that the organization rewards you. Peace

Redwood said:

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Great start to the season! You're really coming off of the end great! I appreciate all of the work you guys are putting in to make a great team and look forward to watching the front 4 every week. Keep us the hustle!

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