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Can Sex Increase Breast Size?

Jeff Weinzweig, MD

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Dear Dr. Jeff,

i had breast reduction surgery last year.  If you have sex will they grow back again? i really don't want them back; the left one is starting to also feel heavier. i lost a lot of weight; now I'm gaining weight again. i was reduced to a small C cup.  i became sexually active with my last boyfriend. I'm turning 23 this year and i really don't want the DD's back!! 



Dear Preet,

Aside from the transient breast engorgement that accompanies sexual activity, breast growth following reduction mammaplasty does not occur as a direct result of such activity.  If it did, many more unendowed women would be having much more frequent sex!   

Venus & Mars.jpg

However, breast enlargement can certainly occur with weight gain.  The relationship between weight gain and breast enlargement is not a predictable one and greatly varies from patient to patient.  Men and women gain weight in different locations: men typically add pounds to their abdominal region whereas women typically add to their hips and thighs.  Some women add directly to their breasts with weight gain while others do not.  Based on the information you have provided, all indicators suggest your breast enlargement is directly related to weight gain.

Thanks for your question! 

Dr. Jeff


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