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So long, it's been good to know you: Arresting Tales signs off

Well, folks, it's been grand, but now it's over.


I was recently promoted to the rank of watch commander.  After nearly 9 years of working in plainclothes, supervising a small number of detectives, I'm back in uniform and running a patrol shift.  Cops reading this will immediately think "uh-oh", and conjecture on how big of a tool I'll become as a result of the promotion.  Guys, I promise to only use my powers for good.


My soul patch is shaved off, my sideburns are trimmed back, and my hair is cut to a decent length.  My uniform fits, and according to my bride I look darn good in it.  It promises to be a blast, but the new schedule and new responsibilities mean that something's got to give.


That something is this blog.  


When I started Arresting Tales I wanted to tell some stories, give people a few laughs, and hopefully offer some insight into what the job of policing is like.  I hope I succeeded in that, and I hope you've enjoyed it.  There are still things I'd like to talk about, but it it's time to bring this particular blogging adventure to an end.


First, thank you to everyone who's stopped by here and taken the time to comment.  I'd especially like to thank everyone who disagreed with me and took the time to say so, and who challenged me when you thought I was wrong.  I am alarmed by the extent to which we tend to consume news and opinion that confirms our existing beliefs and prejudices.  We don't learn anything when we only talk to people we agree with.  I've always believed that we're better off engaging and debating than we are attempting to silence or ignore those with whom we disagree.


Thank you Amy Guth, for launching this deal with a single tweet, and teaching me to love the Twitter.


Thank you Bill Adee, Tracy Samantha Schmidt, Fernando Diaz, Jimmy Greenfield, and all the bloggers at ChicagoNow.  Being one of the first 20 or so blogs on here was a humbling and exciting experience. 


Thanks to Alex Quigley, Greg Jarrett and the fine people at WGN Radio for allowing me to spout off on the air.


Thanks Mac, and thanks John.  You poor bastards have probably had to listen to more of my bullsh*t than anyone other than my family.


Thanks most of all to my saintly bride and my long-suffering daughters.  My bride's doubts about my returning to the "3 to 3" shift are outweighed by her relief at no longer being a blog widow.


I'll still be around on Twitter, and anyone who needs to, knows where to find me.


Thanks again.  In the words of Woody Guthrie--so long, it's been good to know you.


Joe the Cop



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Kevin O'Neil said:


Hate to see you go Joe. But I enjoyed the ride.

Skylers Dad said:


But, but, but... who will quiz me on Florida or Germany now? Who will offer up mugshots with bad tats(a particular favorite of mine) and missing tops of heads?

It's all so sudden, this will take me awhile and a lot of alcohol to process...

Best wishes for continued safety and success in your new role Joe, and thanks for all the stories.

Jennifer Fernicola Ronay said:


JOE!! CONGRATS on your promotion but I'm so sad to see you go. It was an honor to meet you. I hope to still see you at ChicagoNow events.

BTW, you could turn "We don't learn anything when we only talk to people we agree with" into a bumper sticker. Ha! Seriously, I love it! I'm going to miss you and Arresting Tales.
G0d bless you in your new role. And, G0d bless the 1st Amendment :)

MarianneSp said:

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I will miss this column, Joe, but I still think you've got a book in you there. Write it on your breaks! ;) Congrats to you on the promotion!

LeftyGolfer said:

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Well done Joe! You are going to make a fantastic commander!

JulieDiCaro said:


(sniff, sniff) Congrats and happy trails, friend.

irishpirate said:


Well I think Liszt comes to mind with "Les Preludes".

Which to the more educated readers of this post is best know from the old Flash Gordon serial from WGN. Go about 2:20 into it.

As Julie said "Happy Trails".

Anna Tarkov said:

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There are very few bloggers for whom I would write a comment here and you're one of them :) Best of luck in your new position and congratulations on the promotion. I wish you only the best.

Moshucat said:

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Congratulations Joe. Remeber us from time to time.

Curmudgeon said:

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I've enjoyed following your blog since discovering it a year or two ago. Good luck in your career, and thanks for the chance to share your insights!

MLG said:

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Joe- Yours was one of two ChicagoNow blogs that I bookmarked. Thanks for your perspective. Good luck in your new role. Be safe!

Cheryl said:


Sad to see you leave but I'm happy for your promotion.

Wendy C said:


Congratulations, Joe, keep fighting the good fight! I know one day you'll be back in one form or another, but will miss your astute observations.

Awesome Barb said:


Congrats on the promotion, Joe!! Hopefully you'll grace us with your awesome in the comments section sometime. We'll miss you!

R.A. Stewart said:


Congratulations, Joe! I seldom commented but often read. Your blog will be missed.

Jackie Tithof Steere said:


As always, Joe, well said (written). You will be missed. But, hey, congrats to you on your promotion and to your family for getting to see you more and to your friends who will most likely get to hear more bullsh** from you now. :)

Jessica Downey said:


So sad to see you go. Congrats on the promotion! That is so awesome. Please say you will still make it to a tweet up or two!

Carole Kuhrt Brewer said:


Ditto to all the above comments. I always enjoyed your blogs--and you will definitely be missed. Good luck with your new gig.

Clark Bender said:


We'll miss you, Joe. You've been a valued (and founding!) member of the ChicagoNow blogger community. Best of luck to you in the new role and be careful out there!

Daniel Scogin said:


ChicagoNow will not be the same without "Arresting Tales"! I wish you all the luck with the promotion! You will be missed around here!

FilmCatcher said:


You'll be missed, Joe! Congrats on the promotion... :)
Kate (the DIYDiva/FilmCatcher editor)

Brandi W. said:


Joe, I know I have only been following your blog since the controversial pull and i have found it to be both funny and enlightening. I agree that not everyone has to agree on everything, but we have to agree to hear the other side. Sometimes we change a viewpoint or two.

Congrats on the promotion and be safe! Would love to see your points of view even if it is once a week :-) See you on twitter :-)

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