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Mugshot of the week: dented head edition


I don't know the name of the man pictured below.  This unnamed Floridian was arrested on November 9 for soliciting a prostitute according to the Miami New Times.  The police report, in the space labeled "unique physical features" states simply "half a head".  Here's what they meant:



I like the way how in that front mugshot he's all smiley, like, "hey, check me out with my dented head y'all".  Then, in the profile shot, he's all eyes closed and nonchalant.

So far I can't find anything else on this fascinating character, but as soon as I do I'll let you know.  Medical doctors and experts in human anatomy, feel free to comment and let me know exactly how someone ends up like this, and is still walking around.



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Michael Lehet said:


Uhm...yeah....ok....I'm speechless!

irishpirate said:


Soliciting a prostitute?

He needs to wear a hat during his solicitation. Probably keep it on during the act too.

Just sayin'.

That could freak a hooker out. Drive her out of hooking and into something less respectable like politics.

Joe the Cop said:


I can imagine a working girl asking him to keep a hat on during the act, because I'd have to think that would be very difficult to look at in real life.

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