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Law Enforcement Quote of the Week: mummified remains edition

"If you drive around with a deceased person for 10 months, do you have mental issues? I'll leave that for the professionals to decide."

- Costa Mesa, CA Police Sgt. Ed Everett, commenting on the discovery of mummified 10-month-old human remains in the front passenger seat of a homeless woman's car

The driver of the auto has not been identified, but she is cooperating with police according to reports.  The state of the deceased (30 pounds of mummified remains) has made identification difficult.  The autopsy did not reveal any sign of trauma.  This story in the Orange County Register informs us that the car's driver did, at one point, place an open box of baking soda in the car to "kill some of the stench".  Sgt. Everett offered some explanation as to how the driver endured:

Everett said the driver appeared to have gotten somewhat used to the smell. He noted that her father was incontinent and had, on occasion, soiled the interior of the car. The driver also had sinus problems, making her less sensitive to the stench, he said.

I love police spokespersons.  It is a testament to their creativity that they are able to use such non-committal, passionless language to describe such truly unspeakable events.  A less adroit public information officer might have distributed a press release with a title like "MUMMIFIED STIFF CALLS SHOTGUN IN HOMELESS WOMAN'S CAR!"




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irishpirate said:


Well between this story and the earlier Favre trifle I guess this is "stiff" week at Arresting Tales.

Katy said:

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wow my question is why did noone notice this in the 10 months? its not like the remains were in the trunk

Wendy C said:


I don't know, I often drive my 'mummy' around, but she's still alive and breathing.

Joe the Cop said:


Wendy, Irishpirate, thanks for the puns.

Moshucat said:

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Do Mummies enjoy being Mummies? Of Corpse! Have a great day.

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