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Weenie-Waver Wednesday: Bad cop edition

I'm always on the lookout for patterns, and I found an interesting one this week--errant cops getting their freak on in public.  Not only that, but both stories originate in eastern Tennessee.

First, I'd like you to meet former Newport police sergeant David R. Smith:

David Smith.JPG

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Smith was observed performing "a lewd act" while inside his squad car, on duty, parked outside a tanning salon.  That set off alarms right there, since tanning salons are well-known magnets for a variety of criminals and perverts.  To make matters worse, his behavior was observed by multiple witnesses.  His department fired him in August following an internal investigation, and he was recently indicted and arrested.  According to the indictment, he "did unlawfully, knowingly and intentionally engage in masturbation in a public place".

I wonder what he's planning for a defense.

Next we move on to the case of former Washington County Sheriff's deputies Chris Adkins and Scarlett Dennison:

Adkins and Dennison.jpg

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Adkins and Dennison were recently terminated as a result of citations they received in July, while off-duty at a US Forest Service campground.  They already paid $250 fines, but the Washington County Sheriff found that their conduct was unbecoming of officers, and violated the department's general orders.  And what was that conduct?  They got drunk, and naked, in a public campground.  That doesn't sound so bad, actually.  Oh, wait.  There was a third man present, who also engaged in sexual activity, and Adkins' 2-year-old son was asleep in a nearby tent.

This news account suggests that, while Adkins, Dennison and their third partner might have a problem with judgment, exhibitionism and demon alcohol, the forest ranger and deputy who found them might have a little bit of an issue with voyeurism:

According to the federal citations charging the three, the forest ranger saw the three at a camp site drinking alcohol in the open and then engaging in sex.

No one has been able to say how long U.S. Forest Service Officer Scott Cairnes and Deputy Derek Hamm stood watching the trio, but in Cairnes' report he wrote that he saw Dennison and Adkins engage in three sex acts and then Adkins and Walsh began to fondle Dennison.

Cairnes and Hamm made their presence known after the campers were startled by a camper at another site closing a truck door and the three stopped what they were doing.

All calls to the U.S Forest Service about the incident were directed to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Greeneville. Assistant U.S. Attorney Helen Smith said she did not know how long the officers stood watching.

Long enough, evidently.  One wonders what the type and duration of the "three sex acts" were.



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Skylers Dad said:


I believe they will be using the tried and true defense of "If there is no video, it didn't happen".

irishpirate said:


Sergeant Smith obviously has a few issues. That is not the appropriate place and time to wax his baton. Dismissal is likely appropriate.

The second National Forest incident strikes me as being less serious. Demon alcohol. Demon alcohol. Plus they were off duty. I don't expect cops to be perfect or chaste. That scenario doesn't work for me, unless it would be me and two women and deeper in the woods, and without my kid sleeping nearby in a tent.

Ranger Peekaboo seems to have some larger issues than them. There's a time to use some discretion and that was likely the time.

Since the statute of limitations is long past I seem to recall an incident at age 19-20 involving a blanket, myself, one female, and a Cook County Forest Preserve. Also nudity. Looking back on it I wish there had been an additional female and more nudity. I doubt there was any alcohol involved because I think I was unable to buy it at the time.

Ah the glory of youth.

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